UELN: GBR006003100321
Chipnumber: 958000010925987
Date of Birth: 21/05/21 (1 YEARS OLD)

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Exquisite Chestnut Filly awarded the prestigious Premium Award by Hanoverian Verband with 3 superb gaits by the 2019 Oldenburg Champion BELLANY out of our proven Charmeur x Dreamcatcher x Montecristo mare.
She is built for Grand Prix and with a personality to match. Athletic, charismatic and beautiful, this filly has it all, she is a very exciting prospect for breeding and competition.
BELLANY is a young stallion who made a huge impression on the audience in the Oldenburg licensing and was crowned Champion stallion after being commended on his majestic appearance and wonderful movements. With his bloodlines showing all the qualities of an elegant dressage stallion and he is one who loves the atmosphere of shows, and performs for an audience.
Sire- Bon Couer was a premium stallion in Verden 2014, and won his 30-day test in Schlieckau in a very strong field with total points of 9.1 for his gaits. During the 30-day test, he was rewarded with the maximum of 10.0 several times. He has been awarded 9.0 multiple times for rideability during qualifiers to the Bundeshampionat. He was also champion in Hannover 2016 and was, both as a 3-year and 4-year-old Reserve-Bundeschampion in Warendorf. Bon Coeur is a really modern sports horse, with three very good gaits, fantastic mechanics and superb rideability. He was awarded the Weltmeyer Prize 2017, from the Hanoverian Association for his magnificent year in the sport. In September 2018, Bon Coeur made his first start in Sweden. He had an impressive 93% in the 6-year-old test, with a 10 for future prospects. In January 2020 Bon Coeur made his international small tour debut with +71% at Wellington, Florida.
Damline- Bellany comes from a strong damline who has already produced a number of sporting offspring such as René Tebbel‘s Ramiro‘s Son and Delta's Bubka who holds a jumping bloodline which is saught-after in modern day dressage breeding. His damsire De Niro was vice Champion of the stallion performance test in 1997 in Adelheidsdorf. In 2001, he won the German Championships of Professional Riders with his rider Dolf-Dietram Keller, the following year he won international Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special dressage tests in Saumur and Berlin. In 2004, De Niro provided the champion stallion Dancier at the licensing in Verden, following two vice champions in previous years. 4 years later De Niro was honoured by the Hanoverian Society with the title "Stallion of the Year". In 2011, the overall amount of prize value of De Niro's descendants reached more than 1,000,000 Euros.
DAMLINE - The dam has much to offer, bringing the important influence of the Grand Prix stallions Charmeur and Dreamcatcher on the Lady-Reveil Stam, with the direct mother line producing the Grand Prix dressage stallion Vivaldo who was internationally successful under the saddle of the Dutch rider Mirelle Kemenade-Witlox. A pedigree that stands for performance at the highest level.
Charmeur has had a stellar career as a young dressage stallion. At the time he was co-owned by Barend Tamerus and Nico Witte, but the latter purchased the full ownership share in 2018.
Charmeur was licensed at the 2010 KWPN stallion Licensing and became the 2010 KWPN spring Stallion Performance Test winner with 86 points .
Under Emmelie Scholtens, the chestnut won the 2011 and 2012 Pavo Cup Finals and finished 5th at the 2012 World Young Horse Championships. At the 2013 World Championships he had to be retired in the preliminary round.
Charmeur has now retired to stud in Canada.

Linear score

August 9, 2021: Virtual Futurity Evaluations 2021 - Week 4 (Online, entries close for Week 4) - Dressage
Judges Carron Nicol, Katy Holder-Vale, Hans-Heinrich Brüning
Veterinary Comment Mark 1 Mark 2
Slight epiphysitis front fetlocks 8.75 9
Discipline Dressage
Veterinary Assessment
Stance of Forelegs Over at the knee X Back at the knee
Stance of Forelegs Carpal valgus X Carpal varus
Stance of Forelegs Offset laterally X Offset medially
Stance of Hindlegs Acute hock angle X Straight hock angle
Stance of Hindlegs Tarsal valgus X Tarsal varus
Stance of Fetlocks (front) Over-extended X Upright
Stance of Fetlocks (back) Over-extended X Upright
Shape of Feet Wide X Narrow
Heels High X Low
Symmetry of the Shoulder Girdle Symmetrical X Asymmetrical
Symmetry of the Pelvic Girdle Symmetrical X Asymmetrical
Quality of Legs: Tendon Sheaths No effusions X Effusions
Quality of Legs: Joints No effusions X Effusions
Correctness of Walk: front legs Toed in X Toed out
Correctness of Walk: hind legs Toed in X Toed out
Correctness of Trot: front legs Toed in X Toed out
Correctness of Trot: hind legs Toed in X Toed out
Muscle / Body
Muscle Development Well muscled X Poor
Body Condition Score Underweight X Overweight
Growth Plate Development
Knee: Right Front Normal X Abnormal
Knee: Left Front Normal X Abnormal
Hock: Right Hind Normal X Abnormal
Hock: Left Hind Normal X Abnormal
Fetlock: Right Front Normal X Abnormal
Fetlock: Left Front Normal X Abnormal
Fetlock: Right Hind Normal X Abnormal
Fetlock: Left Hind Normal X Abnormal
Foot Balance
Foot Balance: Right Front No issues X Attention needed
Foot Balance: Left Front No issues X Attention needed
Foot Balance: Right Hind No issues X Attention needed
Foot Balance: Left Hind No issues X Attention needed
Conformation - Frame
Body Shape Rectangular X Square
Body direction Uphill X Downhill
Length of legs Long X Short
Head-neck connection Light X Heavy
Length of neck Long X Short
Position of neck Vertical X Horizontal
Muscling of neck Heavy X Poor
Shape of neck Arched X Straight
Height of whithers High X Flat
Length of whithers Long X Short
Position of shoulder Sloping X Straight
Length of shoulder Long X Short
Line of the back Roached X Weak
Line of the loins Roached X Weak
Shape of the croup Sloping X Flat
Length of the croup Long X Short
Tail set Low X High
Frame Mark 9
Frame Comment
very harmonious, long lined elegant and athletic foal
Movement - Walk
Length of stride Long X Short
Freedom of shoulder A lot X Restricted
Rhythm Regular X Irregular
Topline Elastic X Stiff
Engagement Energetic X Dragging
Walk Mark 8.75
Walk Comment
developing excellent reach and energy
Movement - Trot
Length of stride Long X Short
Freedom of shoulder A lot X Restricted
Elasticity Elastic X Stiff
Impulsion Rounded X Weak
Balance Carrying X Pushing
Trot Mark 7.75
Trot Comment
showing good articulation of the limbs, she now needs to find her balance more for more elevation
Movement - Canter
Length of stride Long X Short
Freedom of shoulder A lot X Restricted
Elasticity Elastic X Stiff
Impulsion Rounded X Weak
Balance Carrying X Pushing
Canter Mark 8.5
Canter Comment
developing very good ground cover and active strides

Total Mark Overall comment
8.575 GOLD a very promising foal for a successful dressage career, benefiting from beautiful conformation and ground covering gaits


BELLANY 276433332142817 2038
BON COEUR 276431310306812 2038
BLACK 1.69m
BENETTON DREAM FRH DE431315131304 2038
BRENTANO II HANN DE331314403183 1970
ROTKAPPCHEN DE431312305201 1970
SONNENSCHEIN 276431310642606 2038
SANDRO HIT OLDBG DE333330471993 1993
CARLA DE331316525998 1970
LIVA DE433330613312 2038
DE NIRO HANN DE331310590093 1993
BLACK 1.70m
DONNERHALL OLDBG DE333330887081 1981
ALICANTE HANN DE331310183478 1978
LANGATIA DE331316997897 1970
LANGATA SON 319824692/X0819 1970
PIKDAME DE331310597883 1970
HAPPY-LADY 528003201202567 2038
CHARMEUR 528003000706490 2038
FLORENCIO I WESTF 276341411716999 1970
BROWN 1.68m
FLORESTAN I RHEINL DE343435126286 1986
WALESSA WESTF 413103492 1970
TRENDY 52800320008757 1970
BROWN 1.72m
JAZZ KWPN 528003199106398 1991
ENDY KWPN 528003198601632 1986
CASSANDRA 528003200706419 2038
BROWN 1.63m
DREAMCATCHER 276433330676600 1970
DAY DREAM 276333330209292 1970
LADYS-RUBIN 276333330190492 1970
REVEIL V.B. 528003199807147 1970
BROWN 1.68m
MONTECRISTO 528003199406931 1994
HEIDEBLOEM 528003198904783 1970
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