Futurity 2020 Q&A

How will my entry be evaluated?

As in any Futurity year, your entry will be assessed by a full panel of evaluators, using zoom technology. First of all, our veterinarian and nutritionist team will review your footage and create your soundness assessment profile and marks. Next, our team of international evaluators get together to mark your entry's frame, walk, trot and canter. I we will then email you your full linear profiles, marks, and feedback. 

Who can participate in the Futurity this year?

This year, Futurity is open to British bred foals and young horses and ponies from the age of 4 weeks up to 4 years of age. For a full list of our eligibility criteria, go to https://british-breeding.com/futurity/useful-information/eligibility.

How much does it cost to enter?

Our entry feels are £55 (+vat) this year, £45 (+vat) for British Breeding Members Club members. £5 of your entry fee go straight into our Futurity Prize Fund and will be awarded to the highest scoring entries in each category. 

Are there different criteria for different disciplines?

Each entry will be evaluated based on specific criteria for your chosen discipline. For each discipline, evaluators will look for conformational features and movement that are functional for future sports performance. 

What are the rules on tack this year?

Because you are showing your horses and ponies at home, there is not obligation to show your entry in a bridle, or bitted. We leave it up to you to decide what you feel comfortable and safe with. Please bear in mind that if you show your horse or pony bitted, we will not permit anything more severe than a simple snaffle. 

What do I need to wear?

As always, you do not have to wear whites, unless you want to. We recommend smart clothing, as you might like to use your video to advertise your foal or youngster for sale or promote your stud. You can, of course, wear branded clothing. Please avoid vibrant patterns that might detract from your horse or pony, and keep safety in mind. Hard hats and gloves are recommended, although not compulsory for home videos.

Are ponies in a separate category?

Ponies are evaluated in their own group, and on specific pony criteria, which differ slightly from horses. However, you will still need to choose one of the four disciplines of eventing, showjumping, dressage or endurance, as the evaluators will look specifically at suitability for one of those disciplines.

Will you be offering studbook mare gradings?

Our studbook mare gradings have been really popular last year, and so we have developed a way of continuing to support this in a digital format. When you make your futurity entry, you will be asked if you are interested in a studbook grading, and will be able to select from a dropdown menu. In some cases, we will then - with your permission - contact the studbook of your choice with your details, so they can get in touch with you and arrange your grading directly. In the case of the SPSS, Trakehners UK and AES, you will be able to complete your entry for mare grading through us, using the separate studbook gradings entry facility. We will then forward your videos to the studbook you chose who will be in touch and evaluate them for you. 

What about vaccinations?

Because you are carrying out your assessment at home, we will not be checking vaccination records this year. We would, however, advise that it is a good idea to keep up with at least the annual vaccinations, as it can be costly to start again from scratch. Boosters can then be easily given at a later stage when public events are back up and running. 

Why won't there be a jumping assessment?

It is important that our evaluations this year are safe and accessible for everyone. Many breeders are not set up at home to loose jump their horses and ponies safely, so we had to take the difficult decision not to look at loose jumping this year. We look forward to introducing this back into the mix as soon as we can. 


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