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Friday, August 7

Will Edwards wins the National Under 21 Final

Will Edwards wins the National Under 21 Final

Thursday, October 10

Keysoe CDI: Hindle harvests big tour double

Emma Hindle was indomitable in the Big Tour classes at last week’s Keysoe CDI in Bedfordshire (4 – 6 October 2019). The prolific Grand Prix rider, who has Senior European team medals to her name and was highest placed Brit at the Beijing Olympic Games, won both Friday’s Grand Prix and Saturday’s Grand Prix Freestyle with her current top ride, Romy Del Sol (pictured). Emma and the Romanov x Danny De Vito 13 year old, who’ve shown consistency all year on the Continent with top placings at Lier, Nieuw en Sint Joosland, Compiègne and Wiesbaden, took the Grand Prix in convincing style. A score of 71.13% was theirs to give them a clear lead in front of Sadie Smith with Keystone Dynamite (68.91%), making their CDI debut, and Rebecca Hughes with Rubini Royale (66.17%) in third. Saturday night at Keysoe, all eyes were on the Grand Prix Freestyle. Once again, Emma and Romy Del Sol put on a show-stopping performance - this time to their Lady Gaga-inspired freestyle soundtrack. They showed good regularity, power and suppleness through piaffe turns, steep half passes and one and a half turn pirouettes, all presented with an overall picture of harmony for 73.30%, and victory, the elegant mare appearing to have matured and strengthened over recent months. Sadie Smith held her own once again to take second, and Maria Eilberg and Royal Concert put up a superb challenge with a Gary Patterson-produced Rod Stewart compilation for a very close third. In the Small Tour, Gareth Hughes so impressed with his own and Judy Firmston-Williams’ young talent, Sintano Van Hof Olympia (by Sandro Hit). The exciting partnership, who won the Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I at Stoneleigh, dominated with identically scored wins of 73.94% in the PSG and Inter I, then a cracking 76.38% in the Inter I Freestyle. “He is such a talented horse and we are excited about his future,” says Gareth. Next stop for the pair – Le Mans CDI in France. Lewis Carrier and his 2018 FEI European Championship Young Rider horse, Diego V, continued to display their U25s promise with second in the U25 Inter II, and wins in both the U25 Grand Prix and Freestyle. “After a bit of a slow start to our Keysoe CDI in the Inter II on the first day, we ironed out a few silly mistakes to come away with two out of three wins in the U25 Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Freestyle,” said Lewis on Lewis Carrier Dressage Facebook. “Almost again hitting that 70% but were denied by our 1s [one-tempi changes] today. “[I’m] Looking forward to coming out next year after a winter’s training as I know our piaffe and passage are nowhere near where they need to be to compete at the top level, but pleased to get decent scores and have a great start to our U25 campaign.” Great Britain’s Sarah Khairallah and the evergreen Dimaggio-sired mare, Darling (19), were outstanding winners of the Young Rider Team Test with 68.725%, but it was Clare Hole who rose to the top in the Individual and Freestyle, winning both with her mother Rachel Murray’s Winnetou GEP (Gribaldi x Donnerhall) with scores of 68.48% and 71.13%. British Junior, Maddy Frewin, brought a touch of Bollywood to Bedfordshire with her 72.65% winning Freestyle aboard Woodlander Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, which followed a Team Test win and second place to Jessie Kirby and Belle Amie who scored 68.77% to win the Individual. In the Pony riders’ tournament, BD Northern Region rider Martha Jobling-Purser, representing Ireland, was victorious in the Team and Individual Tests with Yorkie Jobling-Purser’s Valido’s Starlight. Martha and ‘Star’, who competed as individuals for Ireland at this year’s FEI Pony European Championships, delivered two winning tests with 69.381% and 70.76%. British combinations, Gracie Morgan and Ella, and Betsy Smetham with Amber were in hot pursuit in the Pony Team Test, but each day, Syrah Van De Rovaart and Donna Daria 8 made up ground to ultimately top the Freestyle podium for the Netherlands on a score of 71.16%. Results of the British riders: CDI3* Big Tour Grand Prix 1. Emma Hindle and Romy Del Sol, 71.130% (GBR) 2. Sadie Smith and Keystone Dynamite, 68.913% (GBR) 6. Rebecca Hughes and Rubini Royale, 66.174% (GBR) 7. Vicky Thompson Winfield and Artist, 65.522% (GBR) 9. Maria Eilberg and Royal Concert, 65.130% (GBR) 10. Nicola Buchanan and Half Moon Dark Magic, 64.891% (GBR) 15. Keith Robertson and Boheme Af Sulsted, 61.565% (GBR) Grand Prix Freestyle 1. Emma Hindle and Romy Del Sol, 73.300% (GBR) 2. Sadie Smith and Keystone Dynamite, 71.850% (GBR) 3. Maria Eilberg and Royal Concert, 71.750% (GBR) 7. Vicky Thompson Winfield and Artist, 69.200% (GBR) 9. Nicola Buchanan and Half Moon Dark Magic, 68.460% (GBR) 11. Keith Robertson and Boheme Af Sulsted, 66.125% (GBR) 14. Rebecca Hughes and Rubini Royale, 64.500% (GBR) CDI3* Small Tour Prix St Georges 1. Gareth Hughes and Sintano Van Hof Olympia, 73.941% (GBR) 2. Jess Bennett and JB Dukaat, 70.206% (GBR) 3. Rebecca Hughes and Ibisco-O, 69.441% (GBR) 4. Sameera Rahmatalla and Hawtins Falerno, 68.794% (GBR) 5. Elder Klatzko and Little Richard, 68.265% (GBR) 6. Tor Fenwick and Renoir (Old), 67.618% (GBR) 8. Sarah Williams and Bohigas W, 66.500% (GBR) 10. Jessica Wade and Empire H, 66.176% (GBR) 11. Sarah Higgins and Davidoff, 66.147% (GBR) 12. John Chubb and Wringler, 65.941% (GBR) 14. Georgina Roden and Incroyable Van’t Heike, 65.265% (GBR) 15. Victoria Maw and Bon Rouge CH, 64.294% (GBR) 16. Sarah Higgins and Easter Bunny, 62.853% (GBR) Intermediate I 1. Gareth Hughes and Sintano Van Hof Olympia, 73.941% (GBR) 2. Jess Bennett and JB Dukaat, 70.529% (GBR) 3. Elder Klatzko and Little Richard, 69.088% (GBR) 4. Sameera Rahmatalla and Hawtins Falerno, 66.294% (GBR) 5. Tor Fenwick and Renoir (Old), 66.206% (GBR) 6. Georgina Roden and Incroyable Van’t Heike, 66.088% (GBR) 7= John Chubb and Wringler, 66.029% (GBR) 10. Rebecca Hughes and Ibisco-O, 65.088% (GBR) 11. Victoria Maw and Bon Rouge CH, 64.971% (GBR) 12. Sarah Higgins and Easter Bunny, 64.588% (GBR) 13. Lindsay Hancok and Barachiel, 64.235% (GBR) 14. Sarah Williams and Bohigas W, 64.206% (GBR) 15. Sarah Higgins and Davidoff, 62.265% (GBR) 17. Jessica Wade and Empire H, 60.029% (GBR) Intermediate I Freestyle 1. Gareth Hughes and Sintano Van Hof Olympia, 76.38% (GBR) 2. Jess Bennett and JB Dukaat, 72.92% (GBR) 3. Elder Klatzko and Little Richard, 71.37% (GBR) 5. John Chubb and Wringler, 69.78% (GBR) 6. Tor Fenwick and Renoir (Old), 69.77% (GBR) 7. Victoria Maw and Bon Rouge CH, 68.55% (GBR) 8. Lindsay Hancok and Barachiel, 68.50% (GBR) 10. Georgina Roden and Incroyable Van’t Heike, 67.54% (GBR) 11. Sameera Rahmatalla and Hawtins Falerno, 67.39% (GBR) 12. Sarah Higgins and Easter Bunny, 65.15% (GBR) CDIU25 Inter II 1. Nathalie Wahlund and Cerano Gold, 66.029% (SWE) 2. Lewis Carrier and Diego V, 65.794% (GBR) U25 Grand Prix 1. Lewis Carrier and Diego V, 66.154% (GBR) U25 Freestyle 1. Lewis Carrier and Diego V, 69.125% (GBR) CDIY Young Rider Team Test 1. Sarah Khairallah and Darling, 68.725% (GBR) 4. Clare Hole and Winnetou G.E.P, 66.863% (GBR) 6. Millie Gover and Kamil T, 65.735% (GBR) 8. Emma Bond and Lime Walk, 62.892% (GBR) Young Rider Individual Test 1. Clare Hole and Winnetou G.E.P, 68.480% (GBR) 4. Millie Gover and Kamil T, 65.980% (GBR) 5. Sarah Khairallah and Darling, 65.392% (GBR) 8. Emma Bond and Lime Walk, 58.333% (GBR) Young Rider Freestyle 1. Clare Hole and Winnetou G.E.P, 71.133% (GBR) 4. Sarah Khairallah and Darling, 69.200% (GBR) 5. Millie Gover and Kamil T, 67.542% (GBR) CDIJ Junior Team Test 1. Maddy Frewin and Woodlander Rhythm n Blues, 70.758% (GBR) 2. Jessie Kirby and Belle Amie, 70.505% (GBR) 4. Emily Coller and Flabbergasted, 68.636% (GBR) 5. Chloe Naylor and Karisma, 67.525% (GBR) 6. Gemma Owen and Sirius Black, 67.020% (GBR) 7. Charlotte Snape and Camelot III, 66.869% (GBR) 8. Olivia Wrennall and Disneyland, 65.000% (GBR) Junior Individual Test 1. Jessie Kirby and Belle Amie, 68.775% (GBR) 2. Maddy Frewin and Woodlander Rhythm n Blues, 68.235% (GBR) 3. Gemma Owen and Sirius Black, 67.794% (GBR) 5. Chloe Naylor and Karisma, 67.402% (GBR) 6. Charlotte Snape and Camelot III, 66.324% (GBR) 8. Emily Coller and Flabbergasted, 65.784% (GBR) 9. Olivia Wrennall and Disneyland, 64.951% (GBR) Junior Freestyle 1. Maddy Frewin and Woodlander Rhythm n Blues, 72.659% (GBR) 3. Gemma Owen and Sirius Black, 71.875% (GBR) 4. Jessie Kirby and Belle Amie, 71.850% (GBR) 5. Chloe Naylor and Karisma, 70.209% (GBR) 6. Charlotte Snape and Camelot III, 68.792% (GBR) 7. Emily Coller and Flabbergasted, 67.767% (GBR) CDIP Pony Team Test 1. Martha Jobling-Purser and Valido’s Starlight, 69.381% (IRL) 2. Gracie Morgan and Ella, 68.762% (GBR) 3. Betsy Smetham and Amber, 68.429% (GBR) 5. Myles Graham and Harnells Erasmus, 67.476% (GBR) 6. Mollie Whitham and DZL Royal Sunrise, 67.429% (GBR) 7. Claudia Davis and Rubinia 37, 67.333% (GBR) 9. Olivia Langley and Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel, 66.238% (GBR) 10. Scarlett John and BKS Grand Design, 65.952% (GBR) 11. Caitlin Clancy and Browbank Jacob Black, 65.524% (GBR) 12. Emilia Nelson and WFS Top Red, 63.048% (GBR) Pony Individual Test 1. Martha Jobling-Purser and Valido’s Starlight, 70.766% (IRL) 4. Gracie Morgan and Ella, 67.658% (GBR) 5. Mollie Whitham and DZL Royal Sunrise, 66.937% (GBR) 6. Betsy Smetham and Amber, 66.622% (GBR) 7. Myles Graham and Harnells Erasmus, 66.351% (GBR) 8. Emilia Nelson and WFS Top Red, 66.261% (GBR) 9. Claudia Davis and Rubinia 37, 65.450% (GBR) 10. Caitlin Clancy and Browbank Jacob Black, 64.730% (GBR) 11. Scarlett John and BKS Grand Design, 64.685% (GBR) 12. Olivia Langley and Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel, 63.694% (GBR) Pony Freestyle 1. Syrah Van De Rovaart with Donna Daria 8, 71.167% (NED) 2. Scarlett John and BKS Grand Design, 70.292% (GBR) 3. Mollie Whitham and DZL Royal Sunrise, 70.000% (GBR) 5. Emilia Nelson and WFS Top Red, 69.875% (GBR) 6. Myles Graham and Harnells Erasmus, 68.875% (GBR) 7. Olivia Langley and Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel, 68.125% (GBR) 8. Caitlin Clancy and Browbank Jacob Black, 67.125% (GBR) 9. Martha Jobling-Purser and Valido’s Starlight, 66.750% (IRL) 10. Claudia Davis and Rubinia 37, 66.625% (GBR) 11. Betsy Smetham and Amber, 64.917% (GBR) 12. Gracie Morgan and Ella, 64.834% (GBR) For full results click here Photo © Kevin Sparrow
Wednesday, October 9

Keysoe CPEDI: A new era dawns for Baker

Natasha Baker has enjoyed a winning return to international competition with a clean sweep of the 3* Grade III classes at Keysoe CPEDI3*/2*/1* in Bedfordshire (1 – 3 October 2019). With her new ride, Keystone Dawn Chorus (pictured), she won the Team, Individual and Freestyle tests with scores of 72.71%, 73.68% and 76.47% respectively, cementing the partnership that’s shown so much early promise. “She [Keystone Dawn Chorus] has gone above and beyond my expectations and has been an absolute pro!” said Natasha on her Natasha Baker MBE – Paralympic Dressage Rider Facebook page. “She has blown me away with her attitude and her professionalism, it’s like she’s done it all before.” The Dimaggio x Escudo eight year old, who’s known at home as Lottie, was purchased in March by Child’s Farm, Christian Landolt and the Baker family as a prospective FEI championship partner for Natasha. In their short time together, they’ve formed an effective and trusting alliance, qualifying for and coming second in the Dodson & Horrell Novice Silver at the LeMieux National Championships, then following a couple of dry runs in national para classes, this emphatic Keysoe hat-trick. In the CPEDI3* Grade II, Georgia Wilson – our Rotterdam Grade II Freestyle gold medallist – was unbeatable, winning all three tests by considerable margin with her European Championship ride, Midnight, with scores of 74.21%, 74.53% and 74.84%, whilst Singapore’s Laurentia Tan and Banestro broke the British stronghold by producing three knockout tests in the CPEDI3* Grade I. Nicola Naylor celebrated a fantastic week in which she not only dominated the CPEDI2* Grade IV with 11 year old Flemmingh-sired Del Piero, but also staked her claim in the 3* with Amadeus, winning the Grade IV Individual. Amadeus is well known as the former Grand Prix partner of Nicola’s trainer, Dan Watson, and was on Britain’s winning FEI Nations Cup™ team at Compiègne two years ago. CPEDI3* Grade IV Team test 1. Rosemary Gaffney and Werona, 69.13% (IRL) 2. Marcelle Ward and Dornroeschen, 68.75% (GBR) 3. Laura Gulliver and Woodcroft Garuda K, 68.73% (GBR) 4. Katie Radzik and C’est La Vie, 68.58% (GBR) 5. Nicola Naylor and Amadeus, 68.23% (GBR) 8. Rachel Collins and Fine-Time, 65.35% (GBR) 10. Izzy Palmer and Grand Bolero K, 62.43 (GBR) 11. Julie Blanchard and Echo Supreme, 60.68 (GBR) Grade IV Individual 1. Nicola Naylor and Amadeus, 70.63% (GBR) 2. Laura Gulliver and Woodcroft Garuda K, 70.61% (GBR) 3. Marcelle Ward and Dornroeschen, 70.32% (GBR) 4. Katie Radzik and C’est La Vie, 69.73% (GBR) 7. Izzy Palmer and Grand Bolero K, 66.93 (GBR) 8. Rachel Collins and Fine-Time, 65.44% (GBR) 10. Julie Blanchard and Echo Supreme, 63.34 (GBR) Grade IV Freestyle 1. Rosemary Gaffney and Werona, 74.23% (IRL) 2. Marcelle Ward and Dornroeschen, 72.18% (GBR) 3. Laura Gulliver and Woodcroft Garuda K, 71.58% (GBR) 4. Nicola Naylor and Amadeus, 70.40% (GBR) 6. Katie Radzik and C’est La Vie, 69.00% (GBR) 8. Rachel Collins and Fine-Time, 68.50% (GBR) Grade III Team test 1. Natasha Baker and Keystone Dawn Chorus, 72.71% (GBR) 3. Amanda Shirtcliffe and Remi, 69.94% (GBR) 4. Erin Orford and Dior UKH, 69.44% (GBR) Grade III Individual 1. Natasha Baker and Keystone Dawn Chorus, 73.68% (GBR) 2. Erin Orford and Dior UKH, 70.68% (GBR) 5. Amanda Shirtcliffe and Remi, 69.21% (GBR) Grade III Freestyle 1. Natasha Baker and Keystone Dawn Chorus, 76.47% (GBR) 2. Erin Orford and Dior UKH, 73.32% (GBR) 3. Amanda Shirtcliffe and Remi, 72.56% (GBR) Grade II Team test 1. Georgia Wilson and Midnight, 74.21% (GBR) 2. Suzanna Hext and LJT Enggaards Solitaire, 70.85% (GBR) 3. Julie Payne and Pandora, 69.97% (GBR) 5. Natasha Adkinson and Sweet Caledonia, 68.85% (GBR) Grade II Individual 1. Georgia Wilson and Midnight, 74.53% (GBR) 2. Julie Payne and Pandora, 69.97% (GBR) 3. Suzanna Hext and LJT Enggaards Solitaire, 69.18% (GBR) 4. Natasha Adkinson and Sweet Caledonia, 68.62% (GBR) Grade II Freestyle 1. Georgia Wilson and Midnight, 74.84% (GBR) 2. Suzanna Hext and LJT Enggaards Solitaire, 71.50% (GBR) 3. Julie Payne and Pandora, 71.27% (GBR) 4. Natasha Adkinson and Sweet Caledonia, 69.27% (GBR) Grade I Team test 1. Laurentia Tan and Banestro, 75.54% (SGP) 3. Sophie Christiansen and Die Furstin, 73.29% (GBR) 4. Gabriella Blake and Strong Beau, 71.79% (GBR) 5. Sophie Christiansen and Innuendo, 71.61 % (GBR) 6. Mari Durward-Akhurst and Lebensfreude, 68.82% (GBR) 10. Diane Green and Miss Ramexico, 66.64% (GBR) Grade I Individual 1. Laurentia Tan and Banestro, 75.29% (SGP) 3. Sophie Christiansen and Die Furstin, 73.04% (GBR) 4. Sophie Christiansen and Innuendo, 72.32% (GBR) 5. Gabriella Blake and Strong Beau, 71.36% (GBR) 7. Diane Green and Miss Ramexico, 68.46% (GBR) 9. Mari Durward-Akhurst and Lebensfreude, 66.64% (GBR) Grade I Freestyle 1. Laurentia Tan and Fuerst Sherlock, 78.40% (SGP) 2. Sophie Christiansen and Die Furstin, 74.63% (GBR) 3. Gabriella Blake and Strong Beau, 71.86% (GBR) 4. Diane Green and Miss Ramexico, 70.30% (GBR) 6. Mari Durward-Akhurst and Lebensfreude, 69.61% (GBR) CPEDI2* Grade V Novice A test 1. Joanne Dagley-Cleworth and Michael Angelo, 62.92% (GBR) Grade V Team test 1. Joanne Dagley-Cleworth and Michael Angelo, 63.72% (GBR) Grade V Freestyle 1. Joanne Dagley-Cleworth and Michael Angelo, 63.63% (GBR) Grade IV Novice A test 1. Nicola Naylor and Del Piero, 70.46% (GBR) 2. Sara Bates and Tango, 67.93% (GBR) 3. Julie Blanchard and Ucaro, 65.98% (GBR) 4. Fiona Maynard and Diesel, 64.08% (GBR) 5. Rachel Collins and Ronja, 63.51% (GBR) 6. Keeley Squires and Stanbeck by Request, 62.07% (GBR) Grade IV Team test 1. Nicola Naylor and Del Piero, 67.46% (GBR) 2. Julie Blanchard and Ucaro, 65.71% (GBR) 3. Sara Bates and Tango, 63.79% (GBR) 4. Fiona Maynard and Diesel, 63.17% (GBR) 5. Keeley Squires and Stanbeck by Request, 62.96% (GBR) 6. Rachel Collins and Ronja, 62.13% (GBR) Grade IV Freestyle 1. Nicola Naylor and Del Piero, 69.45% (GBR) 2. Fiona Maynard and Diesel, 66.98% (GBR) 3. Julie Blanchard and Ucaro 65.71% (GBR) 4. Keeley Squires and Stanbeck by Request, 64.82% (GBR) 5. Sara Bates and Tango, 63.19% (GBR) 6. Rachel Collins and Ronja, 64.15% (GBR) Grade III Novice A test 1. Amanda Shirtcliffe and Etrust, 65.47% (GBR) 2. Olivia Cornick and Ronaldo, 64.00% (GBR) Grade III Team Test 1. Olivia Cornick and Ronaldo, 66.08% (GBR) 2. Amanda Shirtcliffe and Etrust, 65.59% (GBR) Grade III Freestyle 1. Olivia Cornick and Ronaldo, 69.71% (GBR) 2. Amanda Shirtcliffe and Etrust, 67.75% (GBR) Grade II Novice A test 1. Georgia Wilson and Sugarbabe, 69.64% (GBR) 2. Jemima Green and Blue Chip Forever, 67.83% (GBR) Grade II Team Test 1. Jemima Green and Blue Chip Forever, 70.05% (GBR) 2. Georgia Wilson and Sugarbabe, 67.22% (GBR) Grade II Freestyle 1. Georgia Wilson and Sugarbabe, 72.58% (GBR) 2. Jemima Green and Blue Chip Forever, 70.34% (GBR) CPEDI1* Grade V Novice A test (day 1) 1. Hope Hayward and Et L’Amour, 66.71% (GBR) Grade V Novice A test (day 2) 1. Hope Hayward and Et L’Amour, 63.39% (GBR) Grade V Freestyle 1. Hope Hayward and Et L’Amour, 68.54% (GBR) Grade IV Novice A test (day 1) 1. Alicia Griffiths and Aegrus Ophelia, 65.57% (GBR) 2. Sara Bates and Parsley, 65.17% (GBR) 3. Marcelle Ward and Ivanho, 63.51% (GBR) 4. Deborah Hounsome and Bolencello, 62.82% (GBR) 5. Katie Radzik and Iba, 62.07% (GBR) Grade IV Novice A test (day 2) 1. Sara Bates amd Parsley, 66.67% (GBR) 2. Deborah Hounsome and Bolencello, 66.32% (GBR) 3. Alicia Griffiths and Aegrus Ophelia, 65.86% (GBR) 4. Katie Radzik and Iba, 65.23% (GBR) 5. Marcelle Ward and Ivanho, 62.13% (GBR) Grade IV Freestyle 1. Sara Bates and Parsley, 68.24% (GBR) 2. Katie Radzik and Iba, 67.67% (GBR) 3. Alicia Griffiths and Aegrus Ophelia, 65.63% (GBR) 4. Marcelle Ward and Ivanho, 64.54% (GBR) 5. Deborah Hounsome and Bolencello, 58.04% (GBR) Grade III Novice A test (day 1) 1. Vanessa Palmer and Encore, 67.87% (GBR) 2. Sharon Kelsall and Valentino, 67.60% (GBR) Grade III Novice A test (day 2) 1. Vanessa Palmer and Encore, 65.13% (GBR) Grade III Freestyle 1. Vanessa Palmer and Encore, 65.28% (GBR) Grade II Novice A test (day 1) 1. Veronica Bower and Game Over, 65.43% (GBR) 2. Anna-Mae Cole and The Gingerbread Man, 65.22% (GBR) 3. Victoria Smith and Louis, 64.78% (GBR) Grade II Novice A test (day 2) 1. Veronica Bower and Game Over, 68.26% (GBR) 2. Anna-Mae Cole and The Gingerbread Man, 66.23% (GBR) 3. Victoria Smith and Louis, 60.29% (GBR) Grade II Freestyle 1. Anna-Mae Cole and The Gingerbread Man, 69.45% (GBR) 2. Victoria Smith and Louis, 66.07% (GBR) For full results click here Photo © Kevin Sparrow
Monday, October 7

Nominations now open for the British Grooms Awards

Do you know an outstanding groom or employer? Well now is your chance to tell the world how brilliant you think they are. The Haddon Training sponsored British Grooms Awards 2019 provides an opportunity for these often unsung heroes of the equestrian industry to be recognised and rewarded. The awards believe in recognising brilliance, horsemanship, leadership, dedication and rewarding those individuals who go the extra mile. Chris Hewlett, Managing Director of Haddon Training said, “The British Groom Awards are very close to my heart and Haddon Training is delighted to sponsor these prestigious awards once again. This industry is hugely indebted to the unseen workforce that gives their “all” ensuring that the horses entrusted in their care are looked after to the highest of standards. For that reason I feel that it is of upmost importance for outstanding, dedicated grooms to be given the recognition they deserve. “I am equally delighted that we have the inaugural Employers Award which recognises and rewards employers who have created a safe, supportive workplace in which their employees can thrive.” The awards are for grooms and employers of all experience levels, working in all sectors of the industry. This years categories are: • The Haddon Training Groom Award • The Haddon Training Team GBR Groom Award • The Haddon Training Manager Award • Haddon Training Apprentice Award • *NEW for 2019* Haddon Training Employer Award With a total prize fund of £1,500 the winners of four categories will each take home £300, with the winner of the Employer Award being the recipient of an overnight hotel stay in London. All winners will also receive a prestigious trophy. Judging for the Awards will take place at the end of November with the experienced panel of Jane Holderness Roddam, Chris Hewlett and BGA Ambassador Alan Davies. Alan Davies, elite groom to Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester said, “I am so pleased and honoured to be asked to judge. I am so proud that the grooms are getting this amazing recognition. I really feel we have a very important role and there are so many grooms doing a fabulous job in the industry at all levels. I can't wait to see all the applications and read about all the fantastic work being done. As a judge I'll be looking for that extra special person - it's going to be a hard job I'm sure.” The winners will be invited to London where they will be presented their prestigious Award at the glamorous British Horse Foundation Awards Dinner on Saturday 11th January 2020. Nominations close on 30th November 2019. Nominating is easy and takes just a few moments - head over to the website . A little recognition goes a long way. Do something amazing and nominate your unsung hero today and let them know how valued they really are.  Image:c Janos Borbely Photography.
Friday, October 4

HOYS fab four for Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin delivered the winning performance aboard her new equine prodigy to claim last night’s Dressage Future Elite Championship at the Horse of the Year Show in Birmingham (3 – 7 October 2018). The Olympic dressage champion completed a fourth consecutive victory in this prestigious event in front of a packed out HOYS crowd at the NEC. Riding Mount St John Stud’s Mount St John Valencia, Dujardin posted a score of 78.04% to complete her quartet of wins, all on different horses, producing further evidence still of her world class string of horses. A high class field took to the iconic Andrews Bowen International Arena, each performing an Inter I Freestyle under the NEC lights, and it was tight at the top. Second placed Katie Bailey put up a good fight aboard Eagle Nouvelle for a score of 77.62% but it was Dujardin with the brilliant liver chestnut mare, Mount St John Valencia, who held her superiority. This competition for up and coming horses, now in its seventh year, provides a unique opportunity to expose young horses to the big stage as well as acting as a shop window for our sport. At an event which is famed for show jumping and showing, the Andrews Bowen International Arena was jam-packed in anticipation for the dressage, which followed a superb afternoon masterclass by Emile Faurie. For talented eight to ten year old horses, this class is invitational based on rankings throughout the season from High Profile, Premier League and CDI shows on average percentage in Small Tour classes. The top ranked combinations are then invited to take part in an Intermediate I Freestyle competition. Eight competitors came forward last night under a top judging panel of Sandy Phillips (C), Stephen Clarke (H) and Peter Storr (M). First into the arena was Dylan Deutrom (22) with William Deans’ nine year old, San Marco (Status Quo x Gribaldi). The horse captivated the audience from the get-go with his powerful, elastic trot work. The shoulder ins, half passes and extensions were elegant and in a super frame. The horse was full of energy, however tension had an impact on the walk and canter resulting in mistakes in the tempi changes and green pirouettes and a score of 65.12%. “It’s a lovely horse,” commented Stephen Clarke, summarising the performance over commentator John Stokes’ roving mic. “We saw some very expressive trot work. The horse was very impressed in this atmosphere but that’s what this competition is all about – giving these young horses experience. The rider did a good job. It’s a lovely horse for the future.” Katie Bailey followed with her 2019 Magic PSG Freestyle winning partner, Eagle Nouvelle, owned by Hannah Dovey. Riding to their ethereal freestyle, produced by Tom Hunt and set to James Newton Howards’ scores from Peter Pan and Maleficent, Katie presented the 10 year old son of Singapore beautifully. The trot work was elastic, supple and fluent, and the walk covered much ground. The canter tour was clean, secure and expressive with super tempi changes and beautiful pirouettes, and the horse looked very at home in the intensity of the NEC. They leapt into a strong, early lead with a score of 77.62%. Sandy Phillips, who was enjoying her first time judging at HOYS, commented, ”It’s a very elegant horse and they improved as they went along. The pirouettes were a highlight and the whole performance was supple and elastic. They are a wonderful partnership to watch and are certainly ones for the future.” Next up was Abi Lyle with Fennella Ross’s delightful eight year old Farrell (Fabregas x Davignon). An orchestral U2 compilation, very fitting for the lady who rides for Ireland, suited the bay gelding well. Much of the canter work was secure, balanced and bold, the trot also was in a good balance and frame. In the extended trot, the horse for a moment was a bit surprised when he caught sight of himself on the big screen, and there was some loss of balance in the canter pirouettes, but the test was very enjoyable to watch and was awarded a score of 72.16%. “She did a great job,” said Peter Storr. “I was impressed with her choreography, and I could see what she was doing, which was good. The canter pirouettes are not yet established, so didn’t come off, and he was scared when he saw himself on the screen. But it was lovely to watch with super music. She [Abi] did a good job.” The fourth rider in was Emily Harris with Fay Thomas’s nine year old Freya FST, a British bred daughter of Fidertanz. Emily and the elegant chestnut are a super partnership and produced some lovely highlights. Riding to Impossible Opening from the Finding Neverland soundtrack, their trot work showed good quality, and Croatian Rhapsody complemented their bold canter tour well, with two-tempis on a half 20 metre circle into half pass, both ways, a highlight. Emily, clearly thrilled with her ride, flung her arms around the Freya’s neck after the final halt. The score for the talented pair was later announced as 71.75%. “I love the way she separated the trot and canter work,” summarised Stephen Clarke. “And the two and three tempis on a circle line were difficult, but she pulled it off. She did a great job.” Lara Edwards and Jazzed Up, who she co-owns with Laura Milner, followed with a really exciting, well-executed test for 73.70%. Their trot section, to Taylor Swift’s Shake it off, was punchy, balanced and confident. The canter, to Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, was brave with extended canter into pirouettes, and their pièce de résistance – three and two-tempis, ridden with one hand, on the centre line towards C. Lara and the 10 year old son of Jazz who have a remarkable partnership were awarded 73.70% for ultimately, third place. “She did the one-handed tempi changes twice, which was a very brave move, but she pulled it off,” said Sandy. “They did an excellent job. I loved her music. It was a wonderful job and she [Lara] has a lot to look forward to - it’s very exciting.”  Next up was Jayne Turney with Shirley Rixon’s nine year old Starnberg son, Penhaligon’s Jupiter. They showed some real quality, but also a touch of tension, during their Fleetwood Mac-inspired routine for 70.75%. The young horse oozes quality but was a little overexcited by the atmosphere, yet still there were some lovely highlights including an athletic counter change of hand and three-tempis on a turn. “He’s a really lovely horse,” summarised Peter. “He has some real highlight one of which is his extended trot, but tension spoilt the first one today. Tension got to him in the walk too, but he’s a young horse and she [Jayne] should be proud of him. She did a great job keeping him under control.” The penultimate rider of the evening was the defending Dressage Future Elite title holder Charlotte Dujardin with Mount St John Stud’s HOYS debutante, Mount St John Valencia. Charlotte and this high-energy liver chestnut mare, who so impressed at Stoneleigh last month when taking the Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I Freestyle, entered the HOYS arena – another buzzy, but quite different atmosphere - with exactly the same focus and verve. Riding to the their joyful soundtrack from the animated films Ice Age and The Snowman and the Snow Dog, they showed incredibly expressive and fluent trot work, and a super enthusiastic canter tour, perhaps with a bit of tension and a couple of blips, but so much scope and quality. Valencia, who’s known at home as Valerie, clearly has a mind-set to die for and looks every bit a Grand Prix horse in the making. Up went their score - 78.04%, taking them into the lead. “This is a very interesting horse,” said Stephen afterwards. “She has so much expression, especially in the trot. It’s a lovely, soft energy. She has tremendous ability for the future and is certainly in the right hands [to develop].” “There was plenty of content in the choreography, without over asking the horse, and the music is beautiful. It’s very nice to see,” he added. The final competitor of the night was Kate Cowell with Patricia Andrews’ impressive dark bay mare Dramatic Conquest (by Dramatic). The trot section, to Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars was softly powerful, with energetic, ground-covering extensions and fluent lateral work and changes of bend. The walk to My Name is Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean was relaxed and true, and the canter to Josh Vietti’s Starboy was super quality, but unfortunately marred by costly mistakes in the two-tempis. The score awarded was 71.13%. “Kate did a great job.” Said Sandy. “The mare was tense but improved as the test went along. She has a lot of elasticity, especially in the half passes. They’re a very exciting combination for the future.” “This is such an amazing competition for these young horses. We’re lucky that we can present this for them,” concluded Sandy on an impressive evening of competition. Reflecting on her victory, Charlotte told us, “I honestly had no idea how she [Mount St John Valencia] was going to go, in there today. She’s a new horse to me and I’ve done very little with her. The Nationals was just her third ever Inter I, and her first ever freestyle, so this was only her second ever freestyle. I really couldn’t be any happier.” “The changes are still green, and unfortunately tonight she had a good look at the screen as she was heading towards it, so got a bit short in a couple, but she’s just an inexperienced horse. What I was most proud of is the fact that she went in there and she tried, she really tried. She allowed me to reassure her and she focused on what I was asking her. For a horse that has done as little as she has, I couldn’t be prouder.” Describing her ride, Charlotte continued, “The trot work feels amazing! She’s so loose and athletic, she does lovely half passes and is just so expressive. I’ve just got to get the canter work a bit more established - she’s just a little bit greener in that. But then again, when I got her she was Medium level, she’d just done one or two Advanced Mediums, so she’s made a huge jump. “I didn’t even expect to do as well on her as I did at the Nationals - that was a hard atmosphere for a horse that’s so green,” said Charlotte, who’s learnt in their short time together what a great competition mind the mare has. “I know now that she’s got a really big heart. She tries, she’s not spooky, she’s very honest, and for the future that is what it’s all about – having a horse that’s brave and copes with a big atmosphere. I’m really, really proud of her. “She’ll now have a small holiday, then next year I’d like to go international Small Tour with her, possibly head her towards Aachen,” said Charlotte, talking about their future plans. “We’ll expose her to environments like that, then hopefully have her for Grand Prix the year after.” For full results click here To watch Charlotte Dujardin's winning test see CMH.TV Great Britain Facebook Photo © Julian Portch
Friday, October 4

Petplan Equine 20th anniversary award winners named

The 2019/20 Petplan Equine Area Festival season is a very special one for Petplan Equine, as it marks the 20th year of Petplan Equine’s sponsorship of this iconic British Dressage series. The Petplan Equine Area Festivals are the largest and most popular competition in the British Dressage portfolio with more than a third of all members taking part. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Petplan Equine launched the Area Festival Awards. These very special awards were designed to recognise the dedication that grassroots competitors and their support teams put in to take part in the much-loved series. Petplan Equine received over 400 entries, with each nomination highlighting the hard work and inspirational journeys that competitors experience. Those nominating could enter themselves, a friend or family member for one of five categories: Inspirational Star, Surprise Star, Support Star, Progressive Star, Perseverance Star. A judging panel of industry experts, including International rider Charlie Hutton, Your Horse magazine Deputy Editor, Allison Lowther and Linda Whetstone, British Dressage Chairman and founder of the Area Festival Series had the difficult task of choosing a winner for each category. Meet the winners:  Inspirational star – Sue Grice and her talented traditional gypsy cob Frodo  Surprise star – Caroline Burrow and her rescue cob Mimi  Support star – Instructor and Area Festival competitor Brendan Tegg  Progressive star – Clare Hinchliffe and her dancing partner Crunchie  Perseverance star – Linda Clark riding her own super star Teddy Read more about our five worthy winners and their great stories. Kate Hopkins, Marketing Consultant at Petplan Equine commented, “We were overwhelmed with the amount of support the Petplan Equine Area Festival Awards received. In our 20th anniversary year of sponsoring the Area Festivals we wanted to celebrate the people who make the Petplan Equine Area Festivals what they are and that is the riders, horses and supporters who are a part of the series. We were inundated with such extraordinary and inspiring stories from competitors. Our five winners highlight the true spirit of the Area Festivals and they are all such deserving winners.” For further information about the Petplan Equine Area Festival Awards visit the Petplan Equine website .
Friday, October 4

BD Abroad: Keysoe CDI3*/CDIU25/Y/J/P

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Keysoe CDI3*/CDIU25/CDIY/CDIJ/CDIP in Bedfordshire (4 – 6 October 2019). CDI3* Big Tour Nicola Buchanan from Dorset with her own and Diana Reynolds-Hale’s Half Moon Dark Magic (black gelding, 10yrs, s. Dimaggio). Maria Eilberg from Worcestershire with her own and Hermione Black’s Royal Concert (grey gelding, 16yrs, s. Royal Diamond ds. Continue) - pictured. Emma Hindle from Greater Manchester with her own Romy Del Sol (brown mare, 13yrs, s. Romanov Blue Hors ds. Danny De Vito). Gareth Hughes from Warwickshire with Claudine Kroll’s KK Woodstock (dark brown gelding, 13yrs, s. Wolkentanz II ds Landiosa). Rebecca Hughes from Warwickshire with Lorraine Sattin’s Rubini Royale (dark brown gelding, 17yrs, s. Rubin Royal). Keith Robertson from Hertfordshire with his own Boheme AF Sulstead (chestnut gelding, 15yrs, s. Bernstein). Sadie Smith from Gloucestershire with her own Keystone Dynamite (liver chestnut gelding, 12yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Escudo). Vicky Thompson Winfield from West Sussex with Samantha Francis’s Artist (palomino gelding, 11yrs, s. Abanos). CDI3* Small Tour Jess Bennett from Gloucestershire with her own JB Dukaat (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Westernwind). John Chubb from Devon with his own Wringler (grey gelding, 16yrs, s. Rhodium). Tor Fenwick from Hampshire with Shaun Measures’ Renoir (OLD) (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Rimskij Korsakov). Lindsay Hancock from West Yorkshire with Barachiel (black gelding, 13yrs, s. Gribaldi). Sarah Higgins from Cheshire with Sarah Rao’s Davidoff (black stallion, 11yrs, s. Westpoint), and Penny Lindop and Claire Gilchrist-Dick’s Easter Bunny (chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Valdez). Gareth Hughes  with his own and Judy Firmston-Williams’ Sintano Van Hof Olympia (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Sandro Hit ds. Silvano). Rebecca Hughes  with Adele Rawlinson's Ibisco O (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Spielberg ds. Goodwill). Elder Klatzko from Wiltshire with her own  Little Richard (bay gelding, 18yrs, s. Longchamp). Victoria Maw from Lincolnshire with her own Bon Rouge CH (chestnut gelding, 14yrs, s. Belissimo M). Sameera Rahmatalla from Wiltshire with her own Hawtins Falerno (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Fürst Romancier). Georgina Roden from Lancashire with Kathryn Roden’s Incroyable Van’T Heike (brown gelding, 11yrs, s. Jazz). Jessica Wade from Oxfordshire with Diana Wade’s Empire H (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Santano). Sarah Williams from Kent with Georgina Howard’s Bohigas W (bay mare, 18yrs, s. Breitling W ds. Fabriano). CDIY Young Riders Emma Bond from North Yorkshire with her own Lime Walk (chestnut gelding, 17yrs, s. Limes). Clare Hole from Suffolk with Rachel Murray’s Winnetou GEP (black gelding, 16yrs, s. Gribaldi ds. Donnerhall). Millie Gover from West Sussex with Philip Gover’s Kamil T (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Thunder Van De Zuuthoveve). Sarah Khairallah from Hampshire with Kate Smith’s Keystone Darling (chestnut mare, 19yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Weltmeyer). CDIJ Juniors Emily Coller from Norfolk with Ann Coller’s Flabbergasted (black mare, 9yrs, s. Gribaldi ds.Jazz). Maddy Frewin from Oxfordshire with Christine Kirk’s Woodlander Rhythm n Blues (dark bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Woodlander Rockstar). Jessie Kirby from Oxfordshire with her own Belle Amie (black mare, 13yrs, s. Ronaldo). Chloe Naylor from Derbyshire with her own Karisma (chestnut gelding, 12yrs, s. Holme Grove Prokofiev). Gemma Owen from Flintshire with her own Sirius Black (black gelding, 14yrs, s. Stedinger ds. Rotspon). Charlotte Snape from East Yorkshire with Camelot (bay gelding, 17yrs, s. Carabas). Olivia Wrennall from Buckinghamshire with Nicola Hand and Tessa Thorne’s Disneyland (liver chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Diamond Hit). CDIP Ponies Caitlin Clancy from Somerset with her own Browbank Jacob Black (black gelding, 9yrs, s. Foryd Dafydd Ddu ds. Sydenham Dragon). Claudia Davis from Essex with her own Rubinia 37 (bay mare, 13yrs, s. Constantin). Myles Graham from Wiltshire with Caron Roberts’ Harnells Erasmus (dun mare, 9yrs). Scarlett John from Devon with her own BKS Grand Design (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. FS Golden Moonlight). Olivia Langley from Leicester with Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel (grey gelding, 12yrs, s. Caesar 171 ds. Gigman Jacana). Gracie Morgan from North Yorkshire with Ella (grey mare, 10yrs, s. Caesar 171). Emilia Nelson from Berkshire with Sarah Steggall’s WFS Top Red (chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Top Yellow ds Pilgrims Red). Betsy Smetham from Kent with her own Amber (palomino gelding, 9yrs, s. Orchard Limb-Lopper). Mollie Whitham from South Yorkshire with DZL Royal Sunrise (chestnut gelding, 8yrs, s. Domingos Golden Surprise ds. Brockwell Prince Charming). Start lists Live results Live stream Photo © Kevin Sparrow
Tuesday, October 1

BD Abroad: Keysoe CPEDI

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Keysoe CPEDI3*/2*/1* in Bedfordshire (1 – 3 October 2019). CPEDI3* Grade I Gabriella Blake from Nottinghamshire with her own Strong Beau (grey gelding, 10yrs, s. Spinway Blakethorn). Sophie Christiansen from Surrey with her own Die Fürstin (chestnut mare, 6yrs, s. Dankeschon, ds. Fürst Piccolo) and her own Innuendo (dark bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Last Minute). Mari Durward Akhurst from Buckinghamshire with her own Lebensfreude (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Laudabilis). Diane Green from Gloucestershire with Leonie Brown’s Miss Ramexico (brown mare, 10yrs). Caitlyn Saddington from Lancashire with her own Nirvana Morroko (bay gelding, 16yrs, s. Orame). Grade II Natasha Adkinson from North Lincolnshire with her own Highlander (black gelding, 12yrs, s. His Highness). Suzanna Hext from Gloucestershire with Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Enggaards Solitaire (dark bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Blue Hors Soprano) - pictured. Julie Payne from Oxfordshire with her own Pandora (chestnut mare, 18ys, s. Pascal). Georgia Wilson from Clwyd with her own Midnight (brown mare, 10yrs, s. Hilkens Black Delight ds. Cassander). Grade III Natasha Baker from Middlesex with her own Keystone Dawn Chorus (bay mare, 8yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Escudo). Erin Orford from Buckinghamshire with Annabel Whittet’s Dior UKH (chestnut mare, 16yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Hitchcock) and Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Diamond Crusador (bay gelding, 6yrs, s. Diamond Hit). Amanda Shirtcliffe from Buckinghamshire with Louise Robson’s Remi (dark bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Desert Moon). Grade IV Julie Blanchard from East Yorkshire with Anne Bateman’s Echo Supreme (grey gelding, 15yrs, s. Wilmoner). Rachel Collins from Kent with Fine-Time (liver chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Fifty Cent). Laura Gulliver from Buckinghamshire with Garuda K (chestnut stallion, 18yrs, s. Münchhausen). Nicola Naylor from London with her own Amadeus (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Olivi, ds. Sandro Hit). Izzy Palmer from Yorkshire with Deborah Doyle’s Grand Bolero K (bay gelding, 8yrs, s. Spielberg). Katie Radzik from Kent with her own C’est La Vie (brown gelding, 12yrs, s. Florencio ds. Balder). Marcelle Ward from West Sussex with her own Dornroeschen (chestnut mare, 13yrs, s. De Niro). CPEDI2* Grade I Caitlyn Saddington from Lancashire with her own Dreamallo (chestnut gelding, 13yrs, s. Dream On). Grade II Jemima Green from Dorset with her own Blue Chip Forever (bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Johnson). Georgia Wilson from Clwyd with her own Sugarbabe (chestnut mare, 6yrs). Grade III Olivia Cornick from Cambridgeshire with Charlotte Drakeley’s Ronaldo (chestnut gelding, 21yrs, s. Jetset-D). Amanda Shirtcliffe from Buckinghamshire with Louise Robson’s Etrust (bay gelding, 10yrs). Grade IV Sara Bates from Warwickshire with her own Tango (bay mare, 10yrs, s. Arkida, ds. Diamond Rock). Julie Blanchard from East Yorkshire with Alicia Jardine-Laurie’s Ucaro (bay gelding, 18yrs, s. Elcaro). Rachel Collins from Kent with her own Ronja (bay mare, 16yrs, s. Sandro Hit). Fiona Maynard from Kent with Alex Wyatt’s Diesel (dark bay gelding, 7yrs, Don Aqui). Nicola Naylor from London with her own Del Piero (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Flemmingh). Keeley Squires from South Yorkshire with her own Stanbeck by Request (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Synod Replica ds. Pollyanna). Grade V Joanne Dagley-Cleworth from Bedfordshire with Michael Angelo (dark brown gelding, 15yrs, s. Medoc). CPEDI1* Grade II Veronica Bower from Clwyd with Tracy-Anne Ormrod’s Game Over (dark brown mare, 8yrs, s. Fürstenball). Anna-Mae Cole from Devon with her own The Gingerbread Man (chestnut gelding, 10yrs). Victoria Smith from Gloucestershire with her own Louis (skewbald mare, 13yrs). Grade III Sharon Kelsall from Kent with her own Valentino (bay gelding, 17yrs, s. River Man ds. Ulft). Vanessa Palmer from Hampshire with her own Encore (bay mare, 10yrs, s. Johnson). Grade IV Sara Bates from Warwickshire with her own Parsley (bay mare, 18yrs, s. North Col). Thomas Dyer from Wiltshire with his own Double Illusion (bay gelding, 15yrs, s. Welton Double Cracker ds. Canworthy Monsun). Alicia Griffiths from South Gloucestershire wither own Aegrus Ophelia (rose grey mare, 8yrs, s. Ars Vivendi ds. Coevers Diamond Boy). Deborah Hounsome from Dorset with Bolencello (dark brown gelding, 16yrs, s. Baroncelli). Katie Radzik from Kent with Iba (brown mare, 6yrs, s. Apache). Marcelle Ward from West Sussex with Ivanho (liver chestnut gelding, 6yrs, s. Wynton ds. Parcival). Grade V Hope Hayward from Somerset with Et L’Amour (dark bay mare, 10yrs, s. San Amour). For start lists click here . For results click here .
Friday, September 27

Dressage riders confirmed for HOYS 2019

This year’s Horse of the Year Show features the seventh running of the annual Dressage Future Elite Championship. Taking place during the evening performance on Thursday 3 October, this prestigious competition provides a platform for the UK's rising Grand Prix horses to gain invaluable experience under the spotlight at a world famous international event. In conjunction with British Dressage, the popular Championship is designed for horses between eight and ten years old. The class will feature a total of eight horse and rider combinations who will each showcase an Intermediate I Freestyle to Music in the Andrews Bowen International Arena. For the past three years, Charlote Dujardin has taken the title; 2016 riding Hawtins Delicato scoring 78.62%, 2017 with Mount St John Freestyle scoring 84.91% and last year she sealed her HOYS hat-trick with the young grey mare, Florentina VI, on 79.12%. This year, Charlotte is back with another star in the making, Mount St John Valencia, the mare with whom she won the Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I Freestyle at the LeMieux National Championships earlier this month. The eight horse and rider combinations competing this year are: • Katie Bailey with Hannah Dovey’s Eagle Nouvelle • Kate Cowell with Patricia Andrews’ Dramatic Conquest • Dylan Deutrom with William Deans’ San Marco • Charlotte Dujardin with Mount St John Stud’s Mount St John Valencia • Lara Edwards with her own and Laura Milner’s Jazzed Up • Emily Harris with Fay Thomas’s Freya FST • Abi Lyle with Fenella Ross’s Farrell • Jayne Turney with Shirley Rixon’s Penhaligon’s Jupiter Thursday is all about dressage at HOYS. Emile Faurie is set to inspire the Thursday afternoon HOYS audience in the Andrews Bowen International Arena as he hosts the show’s dressage masterclass for the very first time. “For the masterclass I will be bringing three young horses from Germany from the Performance Sales International who I work for; they will demonstrate exactly what it is we look for in a world class dressage horse and I will talk through how we start them out in their training. Then in the second half, Tom [Goode] will ride Dior who is enjoying his first season at Grand Prix level this year, so they will demonstrate the higher level movements and show the levels of progression through to the finished product.” Then at 5.30pm you can stop by the HOYS Live Zone in the Retail Village to see Emile’s ‘Let’s Talk Dressage’ expert talk. The Dressage Future Elite Championship will commence at approximately 6.05pm. There's still chance to buy tickets, head to or call 0844 581 8282
Friday, September 27

Rules on hyperflexion, blood and vaccinations finalised for 2020

The 2020 Members' Handbook is just about to go to press so we wanted to share wtih members the final wording around the new hyperflextion, blood and vaccination rules. Thanks to those members who fedback following our release of the the summary of rule changes issued a few weeks ago. Hyperflexion Hyperflexion or ‘rollkur’ is not permitted or tolerated from any rider or combination. In competition conditions, BD stewards will now refer any hyperflexion seen to the judge at C or the organiser immediately. The combination will be eliminated from the competition. Anyone who witnesses this practice at a BD competition, or any other action that contravenes the BD equine welfare policy, is requested to use our Welfare Form available via the BD website to report such instances to the BD office. Please include any available evidence (witness statements, video, photos, etc.) which can be used by the designated Welfare Officer who may then refer the matter to the Disciplinary Panel for action. Blood For all competitions: If the judge at C suspects fresh blood anywhere on the horse during the test, he/she will stop the horse to check for blood. If the horse shows fresh blood, it will be eliminated. The elimination is final. If the judge, through examination, clarifies that the horse has no fresh blood, the horse may resume and finish its test. Competitions where a BD steward is present: In addition to the above, if blood is noticed on a horse during the warm up, the BD steward will approach the rider, make them aware of it and inspect the horse. If the horse shows fresh blood, the BD steward will advise the rider to retire. If the rider fails to do so, the BD steward will report the matter with evidence to the judge at C and the horse will be eliminated from that class. The horse may be presented for subsequent classes but the BD steward must be satisfied the horse is fit to continue. Any fresh blood found by a BD steward during the post-test inspection in the horse’s mouth or area of the spurs will be reported to the Judge at C with evidence and the horse will be eliminated from that class. If there is blood on any other areas of the horses body, the BD Steward in consultation with the Judge at C will decide if the horse should be eliminated and/or is fit to continue in any further competition(s) in the event. Any horse which has a ‘sore patch’ (an area where hair has been rubbed off and the skin is inflamed) in a location where there is a danger that the skin could be broken if the horse were continued to be ridden, it must be withdrawn from competition. If the sore patch is not noticed until after a test has been completed, then elimination will only occur if the skin is broken. The horse may not continue to compete for the remainder of the competition thereafter, unless approved to continue by an independent vet. Equine Influenza Vaccination To protect the health of the other competing horses and the biosecurity of the venue, a valid passport must accompany the horse to all competitions and be produced on request. Failure to comply is a disciplinary offence and will debar the horse from competing at the event for which it has been entered. A horse will not be permitted to compete unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions: • An initial course of two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete. • A first booster injection must be given between 150 and 215 days after the second injection of primary vaccination. • Subsequent booster injections must be given at regular intervals of not more than 12 months, commencing after the first booster injection. • The most recent booster injection must have been given within six calendar months +21 days prior to the horse competing. • The full course or booster must have been administered at least seven days before arriving at the competition. The vaccination record(s) in the horse’s passport, must be completed, signed and stamped line by line, by an appropriate veterinary surgeon (who is neither the owner nor the rider of the horse). For those competing under FEI rules, please refer to FEI rules. The responsibility to comply with this rule lies with the competitor, who should consult with their veterinarian. Horses being found without adequate and up to date vaccinations will not be allowed to compete and will be barred from competing until such a time that they have been given their first and second vaccinations. The registration of any horse found in breach of this rule will be suspended until rectified.  
Friday, September 27

Principles of Judging Seminar: One week to go!

There’s just one week to go until the Principles of Judging Seminar gets underway at Moulton College. With Clive Halsall, Isobel Wessels and Peter Storr set to present a fascinating day of judging theory and test riding tips, it’s guaranteed to be a valuable experience whatever your role within the sport. British Dressage is delighted to announce the line-up of combinations joining us next weekend (5 – 6 October 2019). Saturday Quality of Paces | Bryony Goodwin and Hawtins Floresta Quality of Paces | Sharon Marshall and Nabstarlini Quality of Paces | Lynn Pickering and Lindeth Glad Rags Elementary 59 | Bryony Goodwin and Hawtins Soave Elementary 59 | Amanda Chatfield and Kingsclough Masquerade Intro C | Sarah Summerscales and Miss Dollymixture Intro C | Whitney Brooks and Clueso Medium 75 | Lucinda Elliot and Hawtins Bellegra Medium 75 | Lizzie Hughes and Breight Said Fred Preliminary 17 | Katie Hughes and Marble Arch VIII Preliminary 17 | +Laura Cooper and Woodlander Roxanne Sunday Way of Going | Amanda Chatfield and Kingsclough Masquerade Way of Going | Sophia Longworth and Gwithian Percival Way of Going | Jo Swain and MSL Saloutto Advanced Medium 98 | Darcas Lever and Flying Dream II Advanced Medium 98 | Susan Bullock with Lynwood Crofter Novice 37A | Marsha Webb and J’Adore Novice 37A | Sarah Dale and Blimey O’Reilly Prix St Georges | Sally Oldham and Tomgarrow Teans Prix St Georges | Rachael Lane and Wilhemina II Elementary 59 | Nina Monks and Saffron 2 Elementary 59 | Jo Swain and MSL Saloutto We look forwarding to welcoming many of you to Moulton next week, view the complete timetable or find out more about what to expect here . Buy your last minute tickets online .  
Friday, September 27

International Judges line up for Equine Bridge

British Breeding is delighted to announce a world leading line-up of trainers and evaluators for the re-aunched British Breeding Equine Bridge 14 – 15 October 2019 at Addington EC. The newly enhanced British Breeding Equine Bridge programme is organised in association with British Showjumping, British Dressage and British Eventing. The aim of the Bridge is to facilitate the development of talented young horses which have been identified through the Futurity series and to provide a transition for them into the sport. To achieve this, the programme is designed to bring together breeders, trainers, riders and owners. The ultimate goal behind the initiative is to see more British riders on British horses representing their country at international level. The first new Equine Bridge event will take place on 14th and 15th October this year at Addington EC in Buckinghamshire, and is for horses and ponies aged four to six years that have qualified via the British Breeding Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Evaluations. British Breeding Director and Interim CEO of the British Equestrian Federation Iain Graham commented; “The British Breeding Equine Bridge is of central strategic importance in encouraging the breeding and development of our team horses for the future. It sits at that crucial point of transition from a young horse to the full grown equine athlete.” All entries will undergo an intensive two-day programme of training and evaluation to provide useful and meaningful feedback and to identify future talent. On the first day, all Bridge candidates will experience a 45 minute session under their own riders with one of three industry expert trainers. “We are absolutely delighted to welcome our world leading team of trainers, who will be working with small groups of horses and ponies at a time. Our dressage candidates will be trained by none other than the great Peter Storr, known to us all from his achievements as British team rider and international judge, as well as for his contributions to the sport through his involvement with British Dressage. The showjumpers will enjoy 45 minutes with Corinne Bracken whose success as the British Junior and Young rider Team Coach has been outstanding and who brings a wealth of experience in the training of riders and horses. For the eventers, we are very excited to welcome Yogi Breisner, again someone who requires no further introduction, and whose career in the sport as World Class Performance Manager and Chef d’Equipe of the British Eventing team has been outstanding. Observing the Bridge horses and ponies during 45 minute training sessions forms a vital part of the Bridge assessment and will give our evaluators excellent information about the trainability of our equine candidates, as well as providing a wonderful opportunity to our participants,” explained British Breeding Director Dr Eva-Maria Broomer. Throughout the entire programme, the horses and ponies will be observed by a panel of international evaluators and industry experts. British Breeding Director Rachael Holdsworth explains, “We are excited to welcome our team of international experts to come and evaluate some of the very best of British bred youngsters. Rik van Miert has been a special friend to the Futurity in recent years, and it is a privilege to benefit from his vast experience. Not only has he been instrumental in the development of the World Breeding Federation as one of its long standing Vice Presidents, he has also overseen and been instrumental in the rise of the BWP in the world rankings. Rik will be working with Mikael Nolin who joins us from Sweden where he is responsible for the assessment of young horses and stallion gradings for the Swedish warmbloods. His experience in riding and evaluating show jumpers has taken him all over the world. From Holland, we welcome Frank de Kok whose name has long been associated with the ability to source potential international horses for some of the world’s top competition homes. As a result, Frank enjoys an excellent reputation across the globe, as a trainer as well as a talent spotter. From closer to home, our team of evaluators is joined by the international eventer and BE Youth Performance Manager Darrell Scaife, whose experience as a rider as well as a trainer will be invaluable!” The two day event at Addington will be open to the public, so that those interested in riding, training or owning young horses can come along to watch all the sessions and meet our trainers, riders and breeders, as well as perhaps finding their next future Olympic horse. To enter, horses and ponies must be aged four, five or six and must have qualified through the Futurity evaluation series. The entry system will be open soon! All horses and ponies qualified through the Futurity series are welcome. Anybody who presented a  three year old youngster in 2016, 2017 or 2018 and who obtained a score of 8.5 or above is able to enter. The same goes for anybody who presented a four or five year old this year and obtained a gold score. If you are unsure whether you qualify or not, please do not hesitate to contact us under , the team are very happy to advise you.
Thursday, September 26

Ideal Saddles Combined Training: Start qualifying!

Returning with a new look for 2019/2020, the Ideal Saddles Combined Training is all set to jump back into the BD calendar next month. Keeping up with the growing popularity of our super winter season championship, the Sports Operations team was delighted to announce several key changes to the series earlier in the summer ahead of the 2019/2020 qualifiers. Speaking ahead of this year’s competition, Ideal Saddles Product Development Manager Jim Revilles commented, “We’re delighted to continue our support of the British Dressage Combined Training series. The winter months can be long and, let’s face it, a bit depressing here in the UK! But the Combined Training series is a great way for riders to keep motivated and to keep progressing in their training over the winter, while having a lot of fun! The entire Ideal Saddles team wishes the very best of luck to all competitors for the series ahead.” Rules re-cap Combinations are now able to compete and qualify for the Championship final as Associate members on class tickets, with riders and horses going forwards to the Championship holding Club registrations or higher. Prelim and Novice sections are now only open to combinations who have not ridden at Medium or above – but for those with more dressage experience, have a go at our brand new Elementary level classes with two jumping options.  Levels ( BD Dressage Test/Showjumping Maximum Height) Prelim 2 with 70cm Prelim 18 with 80cm Novice 24 with 90cm Novice 34 with 100cm Elementary 42 with 90cm Elementary 50 with 100cm Find all the dates for this year’s series here , there are 19 qualifiers to choose from up and down the country whilst the championship final returns to Field House EC in Staffordshire on 15 March 2020. Take a look at our interactive venue map to plan your show! Find out more about the Ideal Saddles Combined Training series or enter your qualifier online via BD Schedules . 
Monday, September 16

Notes from the BD AGM

Interim Chair Linda Whetsone welcomed everyone and introduced the Board members to the audience before handing to Chief Executive Jason Brautigam (JB) for the formal business of the Annual General Meeting. Apologies were read from Susie Cumine, David Trott and Peter & Sue Baxter before moving on to the resolutions as follows: 1. To elect the Chairman – Proxy votes; 75 for, 2 against and 2 void papers. In the room there were no votes against so the motion was duly carried to elect Linda Whetstone as Chairman. 2. To elect the International Director - Proxy votes; 77 for and zero against. In the room there were no votes against so the motion was unanimously carried to elect Judy Harvey as International Director. 3. To elect the Sports Operations Director – four candidates came forward and were subsequently approved by the Nominations Committee to go to the membership for election. An electronic ballot was held by independent company Mi-Voice who reported 1517 votes. The results were as follows: Simon Bates – 538 votes Sandy Phillips – 354 votes Kelly Thompson – 311 votes Ros Ingledew – 304 votes Simon Bates was duly elected to the role of Sport Operations Director. 4. To receive the Financial Statements of British Dressage for the year ended 31 December 2018 and the Directors’ and Auditors’ Reports thereon. Finance Director Caroline Godfrey ran through the accounts and reported turnover for BD was up 4% and a profit of £303,909 was returned. Iryndeep Kaur-Delay, Senior Statutory Auditor from KPMG updated the meeting and said there were no audit issues or changes to the presentation. They approved the accounts on 13 June 2019. The vote was put to the room and carried unanimously. 5. To appoint, pending the outcome of the tender process, the chosen auditors of British Dressage and to authorise the Board to fix their remuneration. A panel carried out an Audit Tender for our Auditors this year. KPMG elected not to tender but five companies were interviewed for best fit. Mazars were selected by the panel and subsequently approved by the Board. It motion was put to the room and unanimously carried. That was the end of the formal business and Linda then opened the Members’ Meeting where there were presentations from the CEO and Board members ( see the pdf of the slides ). Points of note: CEO: there will be no members’ forum on the new BD website. Costs are coming in at £16 – 24K for an appropriate site and the Board feel this money would be better spent elsewhere. BD will be using other social media channels more effectively for interactive content like webinars, Twitter/FB Q&A, etc. Judges : Peter Storr emphasised that candidates in the current exam system will have opportunity in 2020 to finish their qualification and if unsuccessful, they’ll move to the new system in 2021. International: Judy Harvey clarified that three horse and rider combinations will be in the team for the Tokyo Olympics with a fourth travelling reserve who may be substituted into the team for the Grand Prix Special to decide the team medals. Sport Operations: Tamsyn Cowie explained the new 2020 Petplan Equine Area Festival venues were still being worked on and a mapping exercise was taking place to spread the venues so that members had access to an Area Festival within a two hour drive. Questions from the floor Would BD consider aligning with the FEI on the vaccination rules of six months with a 21 day grace period? JB – the final wording is still being worked on for the 2020 rules and he would ask the Board to look at it as well as a dispensation system for horses who have severe reactions. With the new flu regulations, would BD consider a six month membership? JB said he and the Board will look at a six monthly horse registrations. With the new season split of two six monthly periods, how would BD insure results are in in time for the three week entry window ahead of Regionals? TC said the new IT system will help dramatically as the Phase IV priority is the upload of results into the database directly to speed up the process so there shouldn’t be the delays as previously. Lou Jones added that qualifications will be sent as they’re gained so members should be aware they’ve qualified. Questions submitted prior to the meeting 50% of the BD Board has not contested an election, they’re appointed or elected unopposed – this is an issue? JB said often the calibre of people who come forward mean they are the only applicant for vacancies. All roles are advertised and all applicants must go through a process with the Nominations Committee to make sure they’re fit for office so there are checks in place. As a volunteer role requiring a great deal of commitment, there may just be people who are unwilling to come forward – the Board is only as good as those who come forward. Some NGBs have 100% appointed boards whereas BD have a largely democratic process except where we need particular skillsets and have appointed Directors (as per the Mems and Arts) such as Suzanne Homewood in the new Business Development Director role. We may look to similar for an HR Director. Would we consider using Mi-Voice for all elections so that members could take part in a simple yes or no vote where there is one candidate? JB said it was a fair point and would be looked into. Download PDF of presentation sildes (pictures have been removed to reduce file size). Full formal minutes will be publisheed in due course.   
Monday, September 16

Day four: LeMieux National Dressage Championships

Day four of the LeMieux National Dressage Championships dawned, another beautiful day, another spectular schedule of competition and the final titles waited to be claimed by those who proved best of the best. Horse Health Grand Prix Freestyle and National Championship The Horse Health Grand Prix Freestyle, the jewel in the LeMieux National Championships crown, drew a knowledgeable crowd to Stoneleigh Park this afternoon. Ten combinations came forward and the competition was strong but it was the maestro himself, Carl Hester, who secured the class and his tenth National Champion title. Carl and Nip Tuck rode the incredibly technical freestyle that they performed in Rio to earn the winning score of 78.47%, ahead of Lara Butler and Kristjan (75.55%) and Louise Bell with Into the Blue (73.60%). At the half way mark, Maria Eilberg and the stunning grey Royal Concert had the lead with their brilliant Rod Stewart compilation which earned them 73.20%. Louise Bell and Into the Blue later delighted with a fun, expressive performance to the sound of Sweet Home Alabama and The Greatest Showman, the roan gelding and his rider showing off an extensive piaffe-passage tour. Josh Vietti’s Despacito set the canter off well, and there was great interpretation of music. A secure test with the horse showing a good ability to collect earned them 73.60%. Next in, Laura Tomlinson and Duval’s Capri Sonne Jr, showed much ability riding to their familiar reggae routine, which many will associate with former ride Andretti H. The performance was tinged with some tension with ‘Cas’ not quite settled in mouth, but when it all comes together, it’s going to be spectacular as the stallion has so much ability. 69.67% was their score today. Lara Butler and Kristjan entered next to Amazing Grace in passage. Accompanied by Thin Lizzy‘s Whisky in the Jar and Scotland the Brave, their test had bags of energy, high points and flair. A misunderstanding into half pass left was costly, the extended canter impressed and the one-time changes very confident. Ultimately second place was theirs with 75.55%. The penultimate pair Carl Hester and Nip Tuck entered in passage to a good square halt, straight into piaffe-passage tour, including turning piaffe, to their familiar Rio music. Carl is so confident with this horse and the two time changes on a curve and the 23 one-time changes on a curve were beautiful. The canter pirouettes both ways were high quality, there was one moment when something in the grandstand caught the attention of ‘Barney’, but his mind was soon back on the job. The extended trot was cautious but beautifully balanced, and overall the test beautifully presented for a great reception from crowd and a score of 78.47% from the judging panel. Last to go Sadie Smith and Keystone Dynamite showed a lot of energy and talent with some super highlights. There score was 72.85% despite some miscommunications, so what a promising combination for the future with more experience under their belts. After the prize-giving, Carl told us, “That first centreline has some impact! He did 23 one time changes without an error and then I had one small blip on the straight but that was it. He knows that test so well and gives all he has, he’s just so obedient. It’s nice now that he enjoys it rather than being terrified, but then again at 15, he should really! It’s a really difficult programme and he makes it look easy. “It’s nice to get my tenth National Champion title with him. He deserves it for what he’s given to British dressage – he’s represented Britain at European, World and Olympic level and always been so solid – he was due this win."  Barney currently lives at Rob Barker’s yard and he’ll train with Carl to work towards a Grand Prix debut. “I’ll keep schooling him twice a week to keep him sharp and Rob can learn from him which will only help his riding and his skills for his own horses. If I hadn’t had a ‘leg up’ like this when I was younger, I’d never be where I am today so it’s important. Barney still has a lot to give and I don’t think he’ll ever retire!” Equine Construction Advanced Medium Gold The Headmore Stud is enjoying a fabulous LeMieux National Championships, with their horses in the frame all week. Alice Oppenheimer was runner up in yesterday’s Saracen Horse Inter I with top ride Headmore Davina but today she secured her first win of the show. With another liver chestnut Headmore-bred mare, the up and coming Headmore Bella Ruby, Alice claimed a highly competitive Equine Construction Advanced Medium Gold with 73.71% ahead of Jane Turney and Cruz III (72.26%) and Sam Rahmatalla with Hawtins Falerno in third (71.78%). “I was so pleased with her today,” beamed Alice. “She had the Medium yesterday, and she warmed up OK, but I got in the ring and she was so hot that I had to ride a safe test. I was quite disappointed with the feel I got in the ring yesterday, just because I know she can go so much better. She still got 70% though, and I thought if she can still get that, when she feels like that, I’m on to a winner – I can’t really complain. “Today, she was so much more relaxed, so much more rideable, and I’m so surprised as it’s only her first season Advanced Medium,” said Alice of the Belissimo M x Rubinstein seven year old. “I was just coming here for the experience, I thought she’d be too green to do this well but she just gave me such a super ride in there. “I need to thank my farrier Tom Smith. A couple of weeks ago we just slightly changed her shoeing to give her a little bit more support. I felt that I’d lost the quality in her changes, and we discussed it and felt that she could do with a little bit of help, a bit more support on her shoeing, and she’s been like a different horse since. She nailed it today and I’m so proud of her. Mum cried and I cried! “I love that horse, she’s so special,” concluded Alice. “She’s just so lovely to ride, she’s got everything you want. She’s supple, she’s hot on the leg, she’s good in the contact, she’s clever, and she’s a real character on the yard.” Childeric Saddles Elementary Gold Becky Moody staked her claim in the Childeric Saddles Elementary Gold Championships as she rode to a one-two with two rising stars, James Bond and Jagerbomb. The winning margin is almost as impressive as the result itself as Becky scored an identical mark of 74.56% with Jo Cooper’s five year old stallion James Bond just pipping the home-bred Jagerbomb to the post on collectives, there were just two marks in it! “He’s [James Bond] such a talented horse and has a really good attitude. Jagerbomb isn’t so talented but the more I do with him the more he’s developing,” Becky said about her two promising partners, “Jagerbomb did a really tidy, neat, correct test. His canter work and simple changes, transitions were really good – the other horse is much more talented but he just pulls it out the bag with the consistency and tidiness.” “Both of these horses in their different ways are future Grand Prix horses,” Becky continued, “I’d like to keep hold of both of them!” “I’d hoped James Bond would do well, he was second in the Novice to Charlotte at the Winters and e’s a really cool horse so I’d hoped he would score well! It’s been a pretty epic weekend, we’ve had six horses and ridden 11 tests so thanks to my wonderful team – the weather has definitely helped too, it’s been amazing!” Becky will now focus on training and strengthening James Bond, known as Q at home, over the winter with a view to working towards Medium and Advanced Medium in the New Year. Whilst ‘Bomb’ will aim for the NAF Five Star Winter Championships, “It’s good for him to get out and do a bit, he’s a bit more edgy out of the two – he’s very good boy but he’s the one we’ve done the arena walks with this week! The long term aim with both is Grand Prix so it’s just working towards that.” Full results Photos by Kevin Sparrow Photography