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British bred
All entries must be British bred. 
British bred means that the horse was either foaled in Great Britain or foaled abroad to a dam normally living in Great Britain that had been temporarily exported for the purpose of breeding only. Neither the country of origin of the dam nor the country where the foal’s sire is based nor the country of issue of the horse’s passport is relevant in determining whether or not the foal is British bred. It is preferable that all entries are registered with a UK studbook.


  • In the case of entries for the Endurance discipline only, the consideration of any criteria for sire eligibility does not apply.

Sire Criteria
If the sire of the British bred young horse you plan to enter into a Futurity evaluation fulfils one or more of the criteria below, the progeny will be eligible to enter.

  • Is fully graded/approved/licensed* for breeding at public stud with a member studbook of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. Sires with “Reception Register”, “Auxiliary”, “Private”, “Foundation” or “Registered” status are not eligible.

  • Is fully graded /approved/licensed* for breeding at public stud with a studbook or daughter studbook recognised by a Member State of the European Union that is dedicated to the breeding of sport horses or ponies or has a specific section for sport horses or ponies in which the stallion is listed. Sires with “Reception Register”, “Auxiliary”, “Private”, “Foundation” or “Registered” status are not eligible.

  • Is a British, native, indigenous or rare breed or other breed which has its origins overseas and/or is a minority or developing breed within the UK and is graded/approved/licensed* for breeding by the appropriate British studbook for that breed. Progeny by stallions approved by daughter studbooks of these member organisations which operate within another Member State of the European Union shall also be eligible.

  • Is an Arab, Anglo Arab or part bred Arab which is enrolled in the UK Arab Horse Society Premium Performance Scheme. Has passed the NaSTA Performance Test.

  • Has a VNIIK General Akhal-Teke Studbook licence and been graded as Elite or Class I and has undergone a veterinary inspection in the UK and has either affiliated competition results in any discipline, or a racing record, or demonstrates evidence of competent work under saddle (live or by video to VNIIK authorities). Sire status will be verified by Akhal Teke Studbook.

  • Is a Weatherbys General Stud Book thoroughbred which has a performance record on the racetrack where either a British Horseracing Authority (BHA) rating of 100 or above can be verified or the sire finished in a minimum of 20 races over a career of three years or more. It is your responsibility to validate this information before making a Futurity entry.

  • Is a Weatherbys General Studbook thoroughbred which may not have raced or competed himself but who has an Advanced Eventing or Advanced Dressage or Advanced Showjumping progeny performance record for at least two offspring.

*Fully graded/approved/licensed to stand at public stud means having been assessed for conformation, type, movement and correctness by professional judges appointed by the studbook concerned. Or the sire can have been assessed on the basis of its or its progeny’s performance criteria such that the sire is subsequently approved as a breeding stallion by that studbook. Any such process must also have included a vetting with particular investigation of heritable or genetic conditions. For avoidance of doubt, the definition of standing at “public stud” does not include stallions only eligible to receive (private) covering certificates for the stallion owners’ own mares.

Owners, Agents and Breeders

Horses must be entered into the Futurity by their owners or authorised agents of their owners. An owner is the legal owner or legal lessee of the horse at the time of its evaluation/award. The owner may also be the breeder. Breeder is as defined by the stud book of origin of any horse entered, which could either be the owner of the mare at the time of foaling or the owner of the mare at the time of covering.

Height of entries
will be classified as above or likely to mature above 148 cm
Sports Ponies will be classified as under and likely to mature at or under 148cm. In addition, at least one parent must be under 148cm for an entry to be classified as a pony.

Registration of horses

In order to enter, horses must be British bred and have (or in the case of a foal is eligible for) original pedigree papers and passport including a verified pedigree.  

It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that the horse fulfils the entry requirements.  The organisers are not responsible for verifying your entry prior to the event. 

This document is subject to review at any time during the current season. The current version is noted below.


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