The basic structure of the Bridge event is inspired by the German-style “performance test” for young horses, in that the candidates are observed by a team of highly experienced evaluators over several days and challenges to determine their individual abilities. Where the Bridge differs significantly from other performance tests is that it offers the detailed veterinarian and allied professional input described above, as well as an introduction to the benefits of technological and behavioural advances to facilitate horse care and management, aimed at supporting the key objectives of longevity and the promotion of equine health.

DAY 1:

On day 1, all horses complete a training session with a senior discipline trainer with a proven track record in training horses to international Grand Prix and equivalent level. For 2021/22 we are delighted to be joined by Isobel Wessels, Darrell Scaife and Carron Nicol.

The purpose of the training session is to provide useful feedback to the riders and to allow the young horses to settle into their environment ahead of the final assessment on the second day. Watching the horse in training also provides the evaluators with an important insight into each candidate's temperament and trainability, which will feed into their final ride ability mark.

Furthermore, each candidate will spend time with our senior veterinarian expert and his team of professionals, which includes our nutritionist from Baileys Horse Feeds, as well as a master farrier and a master saddler. The purpose of this session is to gain insight and provide feedback on each horse's long term prospects for soundness and to provide invaluable advice on optimised management. 


DAY 2:

On day 2, all horses are seen under saddle with their own rider, completing a set programme of work on the flat, and - in the case of show jumpers and eventers - a set course of fences, followed by a short ridden assessment with our discipline specialist test rider who has a proven track record in producing for and competing in the young horse classes at national or international level. The enables the evaluators to see how a horse responds to the challenge of a different rider, as well as providing better comparability between different horses if presented under the same rider.

The test rider also provides a highly valuable insight into the temperament and rideability of each horse. 

At the end of the evaluations, each candidate is given full feedback and receives their Awards. 

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