Futurity Assessment Format 3-5-year-olds

Assessment Structure for 3-5-yr-olds

In 2019, we designed a new assessment for 3-5-year-old horses and ponies tailored to the specific needs of that age group and aimed at identifying the best candidates for our newly re-launched British Breeding Equine Bridge. We now offer this opportunity not merely to the 3-year-olds, but also to older horses and ponies. The assessment is open to both previous Futurity entries, as well as British-bred newcomers. In recognition of the new format, the qualifying score for the Equine Bridge under the new assessment will be a mark of 8.0 or above. 

3-year-old horses and ponies are invited to be presented in hand and loose on the flat and - in the case of showjumpers and eventers - over a row of three fences. The difference to previous years will be the arena layout, which will now allow the horses to run continuously in a big loop around the outside of the arena. This will encourage them to keep their flow and prevent tension.

4-year-old horses and ponies will have the option to be presented loose or under saddle, in which case they will carry out the same assessment as the 5-year-olds.

5-year-old horses and ponies must be presented under saddle. They will be asked to complete a short and very simple dressage test, which will be emailed to all entries to give them time to prepare. Showjumpers and eventers will be then be asked to jump a very simple and short course of fences, including a related distance, a spread and an upright. At the end of their ridden display, we ask you to strip the saddle off your horse or pony and stand him or her up for the judges to assess the conformation.   




This is the ridden test format to be completed by all 5yo horses put forward for assessment. It is also optional to present 4yos under saddle, in which case they will be asked to complete the same test. Showjumpers and eventers will be asked in addition to jump a small and simple course of fences. 

Arena 20m x 60m

A       Enter in working trot

C      Track right

CA    Working trot 

A       Circle right 20m

KH    Show some medium trot strides

C       20m circle and on the second half of the circle transition to working canter

B       20m circle in working canter

Between P&F       Transition to working trot

Between A&K       Transition to medium walk

KR     Change the rein in free walk on a long rein

R       Medium walk and 15m circle

Before R               Transition to working trot

C       20m circle left with transition to working canter when crossing the centre line

HS     Working canter

S        Circle left 20m

Between S&K        Show some medium canter strides

A        Transition to working trot

P        Half 20m circle to V

A        Down the centre line

I         Medium walk

G       Halt. Immobility. Salute


All horses will be invited to jump a small number of fences, including an upright, a spread, and a combination. We will start with a cross pole to help you settle your horse, and will then put the fences up to a low height before increasing them. We will talk to your rider throughout to ensure horse and rider are comfortable with what they are asked to do. For 4yo showjumpers, fences will on average go up to 110cm in height, for 5yo showjumpers they will go up to 120cm. For eventers, fences will stay around 10-20cm lower. 

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