What I need to enter the Virtual Futurity

Virtual Futurity Video Checklists

We have made some handy checklists that you can print out and have ready to hand when taking your videos. For further guidance, please look at the example videos and / or recorded webinars on our website. 

Video Checklist  for Foals

Video Checklist for Yearlings

Video Checklist for 2, 3 & 4-Year-Olds


What do I need to enter my foal or youngster for the Virtual Futurity?

Entering the Futurity does not have to be daunting, but in order to keep accurate and complete information, we need to know quite a few things from you when you first make your entry. Here is a helpful list:

1. The "Vital Statistics"

So that we can recognise your entry, but also promote him or her (and your achievements as the breeder) effectively, we need to know the basics. This includes your entry's date of birth, colour, height, and - where this has already been complete - registering studbook, UELN and microchip. If your entry is already studbook registered, have the passport to hand, it will come in useful!

2. Pedigree

Even if your entry is not yet passported, we want to keep a full and accurate record of his or her pedigree. Make sure you have those details to hand (particularly your mare's passport) and check it's all correctly recorded on our database. The Futurity is a great way of showing off our wonderful bloodlines, so it's really important we capture them all!

3. Do I Want a Studbook Grading?

As in past years, we have teamed up with several British based studbooks to help them to reach out to you and offer mare gradings. These will in many cases happen virtually this year, similar to the Futurity itself. For some participating studbooks (SPSS, Trakehner and AES) we process the entries via our website, and then forward those to the studbook (enter via the "studbook gradings" event, which will appear on our homepage alongside the Futurity entries option).  In all other cases, we will note your interest in a grading (you can select from a drop down menu) and - with your permission - forward your contact details to the studbook of your choice to get in touch with you and tell you more. 

4. Is My Entry For Sale?

We have a brand new "Futurity for Sale" page, listing all Futurity entries that you would like to promote as for sale. As you make your entry, simply select that option. You can return to your listing later, using the "edit my horse" function to add any advertising wording, photos and links to videos. 

5. And Last, But Certainly Not Least: My Videos

To enable our team to evaluate your foal or youngster effectively, we have quite specific requirements of video footage that we need you to complete. A full list with examples can be found here: https://british-breeding.com/how-to-prepare-your-futurity-videos-2020.

We also prepared two online webinars on the subject, to give you as much guidance as possible. Recordings can be accessed here: https://vimeo.com/431953393 and here:  https://vimeo.com/432292256.

Good Luck, and Happy Filming!


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