Tullis Matson Talks about Stallion Management



This popular series of webinars is hosted by Tullis Matson at Stallion AI Services and brought to you by British Breeding.  

Stallion Expo Live

Stallion AI Services brings you a three-part Virtual Stallion Expo, taking place instead of their usual Open Day held annually in April. The series is held in association with NAF and hosted by British Breeding. You will see a selection of wonderful stallions performing live during the event, as well as reviewing archive footage of some great stallions of the past whose frozen semen is still available. This is a 3 part series.


Tullis Talks about Preparing your Stallion for the Breeding Season

In this, the 2nd webinar of 2021, Tullis will be talking to you about everything you need to know when preparing your stallion for the stud season for the sport horse and Thoroughbred industry.

Tullis will be joined by a range of experts and will discuss a topics from feed and fitness to flush out collections, semen assessment and how to manage the stallion when natural covering.

Head Nutritionist at NAF, Kate Hore, will be talking about the importance of feeding on the run up to the season and the new NAF 5* Fertility For Stallions feed supplement, Bart Kools from Schockemöhle’s Stallion Station and Desiree Gebbink, who has over 20 years experience in the European Breeding Industry, share their vast knowledge and experience from a sport horse perspective. We will have a live link to our special guest, Dave Futter from Yorton Farm Thoroughbred Stud, who will talk us through how they prepare their stallions for a busy season of live covering.


The Nick Mills Memorial Lecture - New Technologies in Equine Reproduction

Presented by Tullis Matson


Tullis Talks about Genetic Preservation and Animal Cloning

In this exclusive webinar and the first one of 2021, Tullis Matson talks to Gemini Genetics and ViaGen Pets and Equine to explain the concept and applications of animal genetic preservation and animal regeneration i.e. cloning.

Tullis will describe the process in submitting samples for genetic preservation and the applications of the technology to not only the equine breeding industry, but also to the preservation of rare and endangered breeds and species.

Tullis will then hand over to Blake Russell, president of ViaGen Pets and Equine, for an exclusive insight into the world of animal cloning. Live from their premises in Texas, Canada and South Carolina (!), this webinar will give you unique behind the scenes access to their extensive and world leading facilities and technologies and cover everything from companion animal cloning to equine cloning and even rare and endangered species regeneration. This will even include live viewing of the world’s first cloned Przewalski horse foal!

This webinar is not to be missed - A highly exciting and truly exclusive insight into the latest animal breeding and animal conservation technology with special access to the world of Gemini Genetics and ViaGen Pets and Equine.


Tullis Talks about Semen Assessment


Tullis Talks about Managing the Sub-Fertile Stallion


Tullis Talks about Processing Frozen Semen

Everything you need to know about frozen semen, from freezing to thawing. In this episode of our popular series on Stallion Management, Tullis Matson takes an in-depth look at processing frozen semen. He is joined again by Bart Kools, top stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's stud farm.

Tullis Talks about Processing Fresh & Chilled Semen

Next in this series of webinars on stallion management, Tullis takes an in-depth look at semen processing and lab work. He will be joined again by Bart Kools, top stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's stud farm.

Tullis Talks about Stallion Management - Semen Collection

Tullis Matson explains everything you need to know about the semen collection process, from preparing the AV, collecting off difficult stallions and different ways to collect. He will be joined by special guest, Bart Kools, renowned head stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's world famous stud farm. You can look forward to a masterclass in stallion management.


Tullis Talks about Stallion Management

Tullis Matson takes a look at what it takes to prepare your stallion for stud duties, including feeding, day to day care and exercise. Our special guest is Bart Kools, one of the World's top stallion men and head stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's stud farm in Germany. We will also be joined by Professor Pat Harris, nutritionist for Spillers, to discuss stallion feeding and we have a fabulous prize draw for £50 worth of Spillers feed vouchers, treats and other goodies. Join us on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm for everything you need to know to keep your stallion in tip top condition for a busy stud season.


Tullis Talks to Oliver Townend and Nina Barbour and Eventing Stallion Show

Next in our exciting line-up of guests is Oliver Townend.  Tullis Matson of Stallion AI Services talks to Oliver about breeding event horses, along with special guest, Nina Barbour, owner of the late Ramiro B.  The evening will include a look at some of the top eventing sires standing at Stallion AI Services and will include opportunities for a Q&As.


Tullis Talks to Billy Twomey plus SJ Stallion Show

Next in our popular series of webinars with Tullis Matson is the eagerly anticipated Showjumping stallion show, with special guest, Billy Twomey. This Irish Olympic rider who has also featured on Nations Cup teams, currently rides Chat Botte ED and rode both J’Taime Flamenco and Luidam to huge success.
We will also be getting up close and personal with a virtual line-up of top Showjumping stallions – Chat Botte ED, Luidam, Ashdale legend, Whin Whin, Magic Quality and, of course, Big Star. We will see the stallions out in the arena and Ashdale Legend will be ridden during the evening.


Our Journey with Big Star

We are very excited to invite you to join us in a unique opportunity to spend an evening with none other than the great Olympic legends of Big Star and Nick Skelton, with Big Star's owner, Gary Widdowson, who will be chatting with Tullis Matson about how he found this horse of a lifetime, and about how they grew their partnership to beat the odds to take them to Olympic glory at Rio. 

We look forward to being inspired by this big-hearted horse, his owner and his rider and their story of perseverance, dogged determination and courage.





An Evening with Tullis Matson

In this three-part video we take a look behind the scenes at the hi-tech world of Stallion AI Services, a leading reproduction centre that has collected from over 1200 stallions and carried out over 20000 collections. Join Tullis Matson and his team for a live walk around his stallion barns and get up-close and personal with some of the country’s top stallions from all disciplines. Take a tour through the state-of-the-art laboratories and get a glimpse of the future in reproduction technologies and research to see how they can help us protect endangered species and safeguard genetic diversity.

Part 1 - The Stallions

Part 2 - The Laboratory

Part 3 - New Technologies


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