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Futurity Elite Auction Preview - Dressage Entries

Wednesday 15th September

An exclusive preview webinar of Dressage entries - you will see a selection of the best dressage entries of the 2021 Futurity season that will be offered for sale in the Auction on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, featuring insight from our expert panel of Futurity evaluators and comments from the breeders.  

Futurity Elite Auction Preview - Show Jumpers and Eventers

Tuesday 14 September

An exclusive preview webinar of Show Jumpers and Eventers - you will see a selection of the best showjumpers and eventers of the 2021 Futurity season that will be offered for sale in the Auction on Tuesday, 21 September 2021, featuring insight from our expert panel of Futurity evaluators and comments from the breeders.  

Biosecurity - Why is it important?

With Dr Jane Nixon MA VET MB BSC MRCVS

Our Chief Veterinary Office for the Futurity Evaluations, Dr Jane Nixon, Discusses the importance of biosecurity and how to ensure you keep your breeding stock safe in today's world.

Biosecurity is a set of measures aimed at preventing the introduction and/or spread of harmful organisms in order to minimise the risk of transmission of infectious disease. As we have all seen in the past 18 months, respiratory viral infectious disease can be fatal at worst; physically, mentally, and financially debilitating at the least.  This webinar is aimed at improving equine and human welfare by understanding the prevention of spread of equine diseases, some of which also affect the human too.

With thanks to Zoetis for supporting this webinar.

Resources (click link):

Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) 


EHV - Youtube

HorseDialog - Equine Herpes

HorseDialog - podcast

BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Virtual Futurity Evaluations - Week 4 Highlights


BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Virtual Futurity Evaluations - Week 3 Highlights


BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Virtual Futurity Evaluations - Week 2 Highlights

Join us for the highlights of week 2, plus a fascinating explanation of Linear Scoring by Dr Eva Maria Broomer.


BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Virtual Futurity Evaluations - Week 1 Highlights

Join us for the first of our weekly roundup of some of the best moments from our virtual British Breeding Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity series of 2021.

Every week we will share highlights from the videos our breeders have submitted to us for evaluation, as well as giving further insight into the evaluation process, and of course further discussion and interesting background information about those entries who made it into our Futurity Elite Online Auction pre-selection!

Raising The Bar of UK Sport Horse Auctions:  The A-List

All eyes are on the A-List Auction as the collection of nine 4-7YO world-class show jumpers and eight elite yearlings are announced.

A new concept to the UK, the A-List Auction is an exciting addition to the Science Supplements Bolesworth Elite Auctions Calendar, taking place on Friday 9th July at the Dodson & Horrell Bolesworth International Horse Show.

Join us as we discuss the ethos, process and key highlights of this year’s collection. Additional coverage will include the most popular stallions of 2021 and the production of sport horses to the top level of the sport.

Speakers include; Nina Barbour (Bolesworth), Angelie Von Essen, Barry O’Connor, David Mitson (Science Supplements) and Lorna Wilson (Elite Stallions).


Embryo Transfer - Sussex Equine Hospital

We join leading embryo transfer expert, Kaatja Ducheyne, DVM, PhD, MVSc, DipECAR, MRCVS, and the team at Sussex Equine Hospital to learn all about Embryo Transfer.  In a detailed presentation, Kaatja will discuss the pros and cons, success rates and costs of embryo transfer.  

Stallion AI Services Stallion Expo Live

Stallion AI Services brings you a three-part Virtual Stallion Expo, taking place instead of their usual Open Day held annually in April. The series is held in association with NAF and hosted by British Breeding. You will see a selection of wonderful stallions performing live during the event, as well as reviewing archive footage of some great stallions of the past whose frozen semen is still available.  This is a 3 part series. 


Embryo Transfer - The Finished Article

Brendon Stud welcomes you to a different angle to embryo transfer. Shirley Light will show you her two grand mares, Unbelievable Lady and Sussex Caretino alongside their progeny ranging from 3 to 8 years of age. An interesting insight to how offspring can be similar or not as the case my be!

Jacqui Light interviews Shirley throughout the evening alongside International rider Phillip Miller who rides Unbelievable Lady and answers your questions as he has competed both mothers and their offspring. Morgan Shirley and Izac Ketteridge, Shirley’s home based riders ride progeny for you to see and also answer your questions. 

This really is a rare opportunity to see the finished articles of embryo transfer at Brendon Stud and not to be missed!  

Brendon Stud Stallion Show and Tour

Brendon Stud welcomes you to their Stallion Show and stud tour evening showcasing their stallions; Caretino Glory, Noble Warrior, Klaris Giddy-Up, Envoy Merelsnest Z, Pandito Merelsnest Z, Noble Lord, Klent Spot On, Warrior Special

We will be showing you the stallions standing at stud this year along with some of their progeny and a yard walk showing more progeny, including youngsters by stallions that we have available by frozen semen including the infamous Don VHP Z, Unbelievable Darco, Genius Contender, Creevy Pacino Cruise, Regal Don, Warratino, Fabrice Van Overis and Klent Kick On.

An informative and entertaining evening with Shirley Light and her team as they bring you a fantastic array of bloodlines available to you 7 days a week.

Shirley and the team at Brendon Stud would like to thank their sponsors Sussex Equine Hospital for their ongoing support.

Loose Jumping - The Brendon Way

Brendon Stud welcome you to yet another informative and entertaining evening with Shirley Light and her team as they loose school their young horses.  Of course as this is Shirley she will be showing you the reality of what really happens going down the loose jumping lane, the good, the bad and the ugly.  She will be talking you through the importance of how to build a loose jumping lane, the distances required, the reasons why and the benefits of loose jumping horses.  Shirley believes this is a vital first part of training young horses and is an aid to assess her young horses trainability and talent. 

Jacqui Light will be interviewing Shirley throughout the evening and asking those questions everyone wants asked and Shirley is well respected for giving those honest answers in her infamous straight up style. 

This is a rare opportunity to see the true professionals at Brendon Stud at work and not to be missed!  

Backing the Showjumper - The Brendon Way

Join Shirley Light and her team as she shows us how they back their showjumpers at Brendon Stud.  

An informative and entertaining evening with Shirley Light and her team as they bring 9 x 4yr olds in to be backed and ridden away.  The evening will include lunging, “laying over” the horses for the first time, use of dummy, getting bucked off through to riding away and their first jump.  There will be pre-recorded sessions from the last two weeks, yes we filmed this in the freezing cold for you!   A chance for you to ask lots of questions and the last part of this webinar will be Shirley live with her riders and horses in their indoor school. 

Jacqui Light will be interviewing Shirley throughout the evening and asking those honest questions everyone wants asked and Shirley is well respected for giving those honest answers in her infamous straight up style.  This is a rare opportunity to see the true professionals at Brendon Stud at work and not to be missed!  Register now via the online link. 

Shirley would love to receive your questions so please let us know these when you have registered and received your e-mail confirmation. 

Shirley and the team at Brendon Stud would like to thank their sponsors Sussex Equine Hospital for their ongoing support. 

Tullis Talks about Preparing Your Stallion for the Breeding Season

In this, the 2nd webinar of 2021, Tullis talks about everything you need to know when preparing your stallion for the stud season for the sport horse and thoroughbred industry.

Tullis is joined by a range of experts to discuss topics from feed and fitness to flush out collections, semen assessment and how to manage the stallion when natural covering.

Head Nutritionist at NAF, Kate Hore, talks about the importance of feeding on the run up to the season and the new NAF 5* Fertility For Stallions feed supplement, Bart Kools from Schockemöhle’s Stallion Station and Desiree Gebbink, who has over 20 years experience in the European Breeding Industry, share their vast knowledge and experience from a sport horse perspective. Special guest, Dave Futter from Yorton Farm Thoroughbred Stud, talks us through how they prepare their stallions for a busy season of live covering.

New Technologies in Equine Reproduction

Presented by Tullis Matson for the Nick Mills Memorial Lecture

Tullis Talks about Genetic Preservation and Animal Cloning

In this exclusive webinar and the first one of 2021, Tullis Matson talks to Gemini Genetics and ViaGen Pets and Equine to explain the concept and applications of animal genetic preservation and animal regeneration i.e. cloning.

Tullis will describe the process in submitting samples for genetic preservation and the applications of the technology to not only the equine breeding industry, but also to the preservation of rare and endangered breeds and species.

Tullis will then hand over to Blake Russell, president of ViaGen Pets and Equine, for an exclusive insight into the world of animal cloning. Live from their premises in Texas, Canada and South Carolina (!), this webinar will give you unique behind the scenes access to their extensive and world leading facilities and technologies and cover everything from companion animal cloning to equine cloning and even rare and endangered species regeneration. This will even include live viewing of the world’s first cloned Przewalski horse foal!

This webinar is not to be missed - A highly exciting and truly exclusive insight into the latest animal breeding and animal conservation technology with special access to the world of Gemini Genetics and ViaGen Pets and Equine.


Tullis Talks about Semen Assessment

Tullis Talks about Managing the Sub-Fertile Stallion

WBFSH General Assembly

Best of British - Part 1

Best of British - Part 2

Best of British - Part 3

Best of British - Part 4

BB Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Celebration & Auction Finale

Futurity Elite Auction Preview - Dressage Horses

Futurity Elite Auction Preview - Showjumpers

Futurity Elite Auction Preview - Eventers

BB Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Highlights - Week 9-11

Technology at Twemlows

Tullis talks to Edward Matson about everything you need to know about ET.

An Evening with Lucinda Fredericks


BB Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Highlights Week 8

BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Highlights Week 7

Dr Eva Maria Broomer is joined by Hans Heinrich Bruening and Bert van Wanrooji, two of our expert panel of international evaluators, to review the highlights of this week's Futurity assessments, including the lovely Sports Pony foal who gained this year's first 'Elite' for sports ponies.


An Evening at Twemlows with Edward Matson

In this live webinar Edward Matson takes us on an exclusive tour of the renowned Twemlows Stud, and brother, Tullis, talks to Edward about everything you need to know about mare management.

Set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, Twemlows Stud Farm offers the modern breeder a comprehensive service for their mare(s).  The stud is a family business run by Edward and is one of the UK’s leading Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer centres with a throughput in excess of 300 mares, using over 130 different stallions each year.

We are sorry that the sound and video quality is affected in some parts of this webinar due to poor internet connection during the live broadcast.

BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Evaluations - Highlights of Week 6

Dr Eva Maria Broomer reviews this week's top scoring horses and presents the first Elite score of 2020.  She is joined by one of our top international evaluators, Katy Holder Vale, and Claire Shand of Westgate Labs who offers a brief insight on parasite control.

Tullis Talks about Processing Frozen Semen

Everything you need to know about frozen semen, from freezing to thawing. In this episode of our popular series on Stallion Management, Tullis Matson takes an in-depth look at processing frozen semen. He is joined again by Bart Kools, top stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's stud farm.

BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Evaluations - Highlights of Week 5

BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Evaluations - Highlights of Week 4

Dr Eva Maria Broomer takes a look at this weeks top scoring horses, with an interesting look at pedigrees and the importance of the motherline.  Plus an insight into the PR activities that support the Futurity and provide breeders with additional benefits.

Tullis Talks about Processing Fresh & Chilled Semen

Next in this series of webinars on stallion management, Tullis takes an in-depth look at semen processing and lab work. He will be joined again by Bart Kools, top stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's stud farm.


The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses - An Evening with Nadine Brandtner

Join Nadine Brandtner, General Manager of the WBFSH for an enjoyable, informative and interactive evening giving you the opportunity to find out more about the work of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses.

Nadine will discuss the history of sport horse breeding and of the WBFSH, and, since this is their 25th year, we will see the great progress that has been made.  The WBFSH is the international federation of studbooks for sport horses in the world. In this capacity, it is also the main connection between sport horse breeding and the international equestrian sport. Together, the FEI and the WBFSH organise the World Breeding Championships for Sport Horses in dressage, jumping, and eventing.

However, the work of the WBFSH does not stop there, and Nadine will give us a great insight into the multifaceted work and role of the WBFSH and what this means to us individual breeders and studbooks.

A wonderful opportunity for us all to explore the global view on sport horse breeding and reflect on how these developments affect us as breeders today.


BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Highlights Week 3

Review this week's highlights, plus a closer look at the body condition score and nutrition assessment with Liz Bulbrook of Baileys Horse Feeds.


An Evening at Catherston Stud with Jennie Loriston-Clarke

Join us for an enjoyable and informative evening with one of the great legends of British Equestrianism, the Olympic rider and successful breeder Jennie Loriston-Clarke, who will welcome us to her home at Catherston Stud and who will be taking us on a fascinating journey of training her home bred young horses from the very first steps and up the levels.

We will be able to watch her work with her horses in hand and loose, getting invaluable insight into the early stages of young horse development, and learning more about the use of a range of techniques from lunging to loose jumping to prepare the youngsters for their ridden work.

We will then follow her as she shares her experience in producing her horses under saddle, all the way from the early stages to the more advanced work, finishing with some very enjoyable highlights from her stallions Tiger Attack and Timolin.

There will be opportunities for questions and discussions throughout in what is going to be an entertaining and fascinating insights into some of the very best of British breeding and sport horse training.

BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Highlights Week 2

Dr Eva Maria Broomer takes a look at the highlights from Week 1 with a roundup of the top scoring horses of the 2020 BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Virtual Futurity Evaluations.  The organisers of NEXGEN are special guests for the evening and will explain their new young horse series and championships at Hickstead.  This will provide owners of British bred youngsters an opportunity to qualify for the next Equine Bridge.  



Tullis Talks about Stallion Management - Semen Collection

Tullis Matson explains everything you need to know about the semen collection process, from preparing the AV, collecting off difficult stallions and different ways to collect. He will be joined by special guest, Bart Kools, renowned head stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's world famous stud farm. You can look forward to a masterclass in stallion management.

BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Highlights - Week 1

Dr Eva Maria Broomer takes a look at the highlights from Week 1 with a roundup of the top scoring horses of the 2020 BB/Baileys Horse Feeds Virtual Futurity Evaluations.


British Breeding in East Africa introducing Sirai Stud, Kenya

Hosted by Tessa Clarke,  Venetia Philipps & Jane Marson  Guest Speakers: Professor Twink Allen, Dr Sandra Wilsher and Harry Thirlby, Stud Manager at West Kington Stud

A rare chance to see behind the scenes of a Southern hemisphere breeding operation. How British Breeding has aided its development through a close collaboration with West Kington Stud, Professor Twink Allen & Dr Sandra Wilsher.
An exciting evening looking at how British Native breeds through to modern British stallions have aided the genetic improvement  of safari, competition and polo horses in East Africa. The development of a world class breeding centre in Kenya and how they manage the difficulties of breeding horses on the equator.

Tullis Talks about Stallion Management

Tullis Matson takes a look at what it takes to prepare your stallion for stud duties, including feeding, day to day care and exercise. Our special guest is Bart Kools, one of the World's top stallion men and head stallion man at Paul Schockemöhle's stud farm in Germany. We will also be joined by Professor Pat Harris, nutritionist for Spillers, to discuss stallion feeding and we have a fabulous prize draw for £50 worth of Spillers feed vouchers, treats and other goodies. Join us on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm for everything you need to know to keep your stallion in tip top condition for a busy stud season.

An Evening with Breen Equestrian

In this webinar, we chat to Shane and Chloe Breen about how they started their impressive breeding program based at Hickstead, with some features from their Stud Manager Greg Le Gear and top Show Groom Ellen Peters, we get an inside look on not only their breeding program, but the six stallions that are currently available for stud - from top Nation Cup horses like Golden Hawk to up and coming talent like Z7 Dubai Castlefield. Shane also chats through each of the stallions, giving us an inside look into how he uses each stallion. Catch the webinar on Wednesday, July 1st to join the Breen Team in an exclusive inside look to their breeding program.

How to prepare your video for the 2020 Virtual Futurity - Part 1:  Vet & Nutrition

The first webinar focuses on the veterinary and nutritionist assessment and will be led by our head veterinarian Dr Jane Nixon and Liz Bulbrook of Baileys Horse Feeds. We will go through the different stages of the evaluation and explain what footage you will need to submit for each part. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions, as well as examples to illustrate what the evaluators will need to see.

How to prepare your video for the 2020 Virtual Futurity - Part 2:  Gaits & Frame

The second webinar explores the evaluation of the gaits and frame carried out by the team of international evaluators who will include Hans-Heinrich Brüning from Germany, Bert van Wanrooij from the Netherlands and Katy Holder-Vale and Carron Nicol from the UK.  We will again be working with example footage, and discuss what the evaluators will be looking for. You will be able to take videos in a range of settings to suit you, including arenas or small, level paddocks. Again you will be invited to ask questions and get useful advice straight from our evaluators.

Tullis Talks to Oliver Townend and Nina Barbour and Eventing Stallion Show

Next in our exciting line-up of guests is Oliver Townend.  Tullis Matson of Stallion AI Services talks to Oliver about breeding event horses, along with special guest, Nina Barbour, owner of the late Ramiro B.  The evening will include a look at some of the top eventing sires standing at Stallion AI Services and will include opportunities for a Q&As.

An evening with Shirley Light & Brendon Stud

Another great evening for showjumping fans. In this webinar, renowned stalwart of showjumping breeding, Shirley Light gives us a unique insight behind the scenes at the Sussex based Brendon Stud. We will be taking a look at her 2 and 3 year old colts, mares and foals, as well as some of her exciting young stallions, including Klaris Giddy-Up. This exciting homebred sire is by Don VHP Z out of international Grade A mare, Sussex Caratino (Caratino Glory).


Tullis Talks to Billy Twomey plus SJ Stallion Show

Next in our popular series of webinars with Tullis Matson is the eagerly anticipated Showjumping stallion show, with special guest, Billy Twomey. This Irish Olympic rider who has also featured on Nations Cup teams, currently rides Chat Botte ED and rode both J’Taime Flamenco and Luidam to huge success.
We will also be getting up close and personal with a virtual line-up of top Showjumping stallions – Chat Botte ED, Luidam, Ashdale legend, Whin Whin, Magic Quality and, of course, Big Star. We will see the stallions out in the arena and Ashdale Legend will be ridden during the evening.

Join us for this unique opportunity to share an evening with Tullis Matson, Billy Twomey, and this incredible line-up of showjumping stallions on Thursday 11th June at 7pm.

An Evening with Nina Barbour & Guests

Since 2015, Bolesworth Elite Auctions have showcased many of the finest bloodlines from around the world. They have earned the reputation as UK market leaders in the sale of high-performance foals and yearlings through their ethos of only selecting youngstock with World class “black type” dams (either elite performers in their own right to 1.45m level and above or with close relations that have performed to a similar or higher elite level) in the pedigree as well as incorporating the highest performing sires
Bolesworth strives to act as a pioneer for the UK Sport Horse Breeding Industry. British breeders and vendors are now producing horses specifically for these sales providing reassurances to buyers that they are accessing top quality performance horses . Over the last 12 months, graduates from the first auction in 2015 are achieving success in Young Horse classes all over Europe, including representation at the World Young Horse Championships at Lanaken and are showcasing their ability to emulate the performance promised by their parentage.

2020 will see Bolesworth Elite Auction take the next step in its evolution as they embark on their first every online auction.

Presented by British Breeding, this webinar welcomes Managing Director of Bolesworth, Nina Barbour and special guests, including Janou Hendrix and Will Whitaker, who discuss the upcoming auctions, the selection of horses, current trends in showjumping breeding and Bolesworth’s plans to resume sport as the industry emerges from lockdown.

Our Journey with Big Star

We are very excited to invite you to join us in a unique opportunity to spend an evening with none other than the great Olympic legends of Big Star and Nick Skelton, with Big Star's owner, Gary Widdowson, who will be chatting with Tullis Matson about how he found this horse of a lifetime, and about how they grew their partnership to beat the odds to take them to Olympic glory at Rio. 

We look forward to being inspired by this big-hearted horse, his owner and his rider and their story of perseverance, dogged determination and courage.

An Evening with Lynne Crowden

The breeder of the record-breaking double World Dressage Breeding Champion Woodlander Farouche and of her son Woodlander Wild Child who is now based at the famous Celle State Stud, Lynne has made an outstanding contribution to British Dressage breeding and its reputation across the globe.

In this interactive webinar, Lynne will tell the story of these special horses, from the early beginnings with two foundation mares and careful selective breeding from one generation to the next. We will explore how we can improve from our mares, and consolidate our pedigree for further refinement, and we will meet the next generation of Woodlander Stud progeny poised to fly the flag for British Breeding across the world. 

A wonderful opportunity to chat and spend an evening with and be inspired by the Grande Dame of British Breeding.

An Evening with Anna Ross

Grand Prix dressage rider, Anna Ross, of Elite Dressage joins us, along with rider, Beth Bainbridge, to talk about her experiences in sourcing talented young dressage horses.

Anna has a wealth of knowledge in spotting potential and producing her horses up the levels.

This engaging webinar with plenty of example videos will provide breeders and owners of young horses with invaluable information about what riders and investors in young horses are looking for, and what we can do to present our horses in the best way possible.

An Evening with Tullis Matson & Stallion AI Services

A look behind the scenes at Stallion AI with Tullis Matson.

Part 1 - The Stallion Barns

Part 2 - The Laboratory

Part 3 - Special presentation

Early management of the young horse is the most important influencer of sports horse performance and longevity. This webinar aims to demonstrate tried and tested protocols, involving the veterinary surgeon, farrier, equine nutritionist and saddle-fitter, which give the young sports horse the best chance of fulfilling his genetic potential.

Presented by Dr Jane Hastie (nee Nixon) MA, Vet MB, BSc, MRCVS with advice from Jane herself, Emma Short (Equine Nutritionist), Dean Dibsdall (Farrier) and Helen Dart (Master Saddle Fitter) on how close monitoring of all aspects of the young horse’s management can make a great difference to their long term development.

The webinar was presented on 6th May 2020, and is supported by PKW Events, British Breeding, Society of Master Saddlers and Baileys Horse Feeds.






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