Equine Bridge -
What to Expect

The British Breeding Equine Bridge will be relaunched in 2019, with a two day event on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th October at Adding Equestrian, Buckinghamshire.  

Download pdf timetable here:  

Format of the Event:

Ridden 4-6yos

  • Day 1 - 45 minute training session with own rider (groups of 2 or 3) with senior trainer (observed by the evaluators)
  • Veterinarian evaluation with input from saddle fitter, farrier, nutritionist (spread over both days)
  • Day 2 - Ridden presentation with own rider 
  • Test rider evaluation (day 2)
  • Final feedback (day 2)

All horses and ponies will be expected to be able to walk, trot and canter and perform a simple dressage test.  Eventers and show jumpers should be able to jump a small fence and will be asked to jump a short course.  

In-hand 3 year old showcase 

  • In hand showcase of top scoring 3 year olds from this year's Futurity Evaluations will take place in the evening of Day 1


  • Presentations from industry experts around the topics of equine health, insurance, nutrition, syndicates
  • Drinks reception and dinner in the evening on Day 1 (See tickets below)

The event will be filmed by Clipmyhorse.tv who will livestream it, as well as keeping content on their website for future viewings.

Eligibility & Entries

  • Open to 4, 5 and 6 year olds who have been presented as a 3, 4 or 5 year old and attained a score of 8 or above at the British Breeding Futurity Evaluations 
  • Horses who qualified under the BEF management of Futurity Evaluations prior to 2018, are invited to come forward for the Equine Bridge this year.  We do not have a record of the owners of these horses due to GDPR regulations that governed the handover of information from the BEF, so please do contact us if you believe your horse is eligible.  
  • Is your horse eligible?  Download a list of eligible horses HERE

Entry fee:  £180 per horse to include admission for two people for the duration of the event.  Click on 'sign up a horse' below to enter.  Stables should be booked direct with Addington Equestrian.  There will be drinks reception and 3 year old in hand showcase on Monday evening, followed by full carvery dinner in the VIP area offering the opportunity for further networking.  Dinner tickets cost £30 and can be purchased separately here:

Book now to reserve dinner on Monday evening

Important: Don't forget to consult our Biosecurity Policy: All horses must have up to date vaccinations with the most recent booster within 6 months prior to the event and not less than 7 days prior to the event date.   

The Team

Veterinarian, Nutritionist, Saddle Fitter, Farrier - This is being coordinated by Jane Nixon, in conjunction with Baileys Horse Feeds


  • Peter Storr (British Dressage)
  • Corinne Bracken (British Showjumping)
  • Yogi Breisner (British Eventing)


  • Mikael Nolin (Showjumping)
  • Rik van Miert (cross discipline)
  • Darrell Scaife (Eventing)
  • Frank de Kok (Dressage) 

Test Riders

  • Mat Baker (Dressage)
  • Alex Kennedy (Eventing)
  • Tracy Priest  (Showjumping)


This is the ridden test format to be completed by all dressage horses and ponies put forward for assessment. 

Arena 20m x 60m

A       Enter in working trot

C      Track right

CA    Working trot 

A       Circle right 20m

KH    Show some medium trot strides

C       20m circle and on the second half of the circle transition to working canter

B       20m circle in working canter

Between P&F       Transition to working trot

Between A&K       Transition to medium walk

KR     Change the rein in free walk on a long rein

R       Medium walk and 15m circle

Before R               Transition to working trot

C       20m circle left with transition to working canter when crossing the centre line

HS     Working canter

S        Circle left 20m

Between S&K        Show some medium canter strides

A        Transition to working trot

P        Half 20m circle to V

A        Down the centre line

I         Medium walk

G       Halt. Immobility. Salute


All eventing and showjumping horses will be invited to jump a small number of fences, including an upright, a spread, and a combination. We will start with a cross pole to help you settle your horse, and will then put the fences up to a low height before increasing them. We will talk to your rider throughout to ensure horse and rider are comfortable with what they are asked to do. For 4yo showjumpers, fences will on average go up to 110cm in height, for 5yo showjumpers they will go up to 120cm. For eventers, fences will stay around 10-20cm lower. 



All horses will be evaluated over the course of the two days using a detailed linear score system.  Awards will be presented as follows:

Score of 9 and above


Score of 8 to 8.9


Score of 7 to 7.9


Score of 6 to 6.9


Further Awards:

To be presented by British Showjumping for horses in the showjumping section:

  • Top 3 horses in each age group (4, 5 and 6 year olds) to receive FREE MEMBERSHIP for 1 year

To be presented by British Eventing for horses in the eventing section:

  • Top 3 4YO: the owner or rider receives a FREE DAY PASS membership and 3 horse day passes
  • Top 3 5YO to get a FREE BE Registration for 1 year
  • Top 3 6YO to get a FREE BE Registration for 1 year

To be presented by British Dressage for horses in the dressage section:

  • 2 x tickets to the Young Horse Forum of their choice for the 4, 5 & 6 yo winners
  • Horse registration for the top 3 of all age groups
  • Saddle cloths to the winners of each age category

To be presented by Baileys Horse Feeds

  • Feed vouchers to top scoring horse in each discipline



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